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Technology Service


BFC develops and provides technology solutions that automate, drive, and manage print and electronic communications. Our Impriva platform is developed and maintained by our on-site team that includes project managers, developers, programmers, and online conversion specialists. Customization and updates are ongoing to meet our unique client requirements and it’s all supported by BFC’s unmatched personal service.

When developing Imprivia for our customers, we started with our expertise: printing. Large numbers of printers have separate systems and rely on manual processes to move orders from system to system to system. Sometimes, they even just utilize email as their automation. Imprivia is fully integrated from the front-end to the back end. This allows us to leverage our best-in-class print capabilities across all our customers. This standardization reduces errors everywhere, from the file creation, print production, fulfillment, and shipping.

Imprivia is our solution to guide all your print and digital communications. Imprivia is your applications gives you access and control over your marketing journey. The application utilizes portal and modular technology. We can configure Imprivia to meet your users’ needs and to make it simple and easy to navigate.

By starting with the print output, we have been able to automate the creation of 1,000,000,000’s of different print and digital documents. Once we develop the layouts and templates of your documents, we load them into Imprivia. Imprivia allows you to navigate and control all your print and digital fulfillment from one standard application. Imprivia can be your central online location for all marketing and sales collateral. This allows you to have access to all your marketing content 24/7/365 right at your fingertips.

The core functionality of Imprivia is providing a single source for all types of marketing collateral. This includes brand guidelines and assets, approved logos, predefined marketing content, direct response mail, sales collateral, marketing collateral, email marketing, and promotional items. Navigator will streamline your marketing efforts, saving your organization time and money.

BFC has also developed a platform that creates, manages, delivers, and tracks secure print and electronic communications to your members and policyholders. This is a turn-key application for providing enrollment kits, contracts, polices, renewals, ID cards, and statement processing.

Imprivia uses our document creation technology to ensure consistency and compliance. At the foundation of the application is versioning control, data validation, data visibility, and document management. This is a necessity when providing contracts, enrolment kits, billings, and policies. Imprivia can view all versions of a document, recall the right document, and redeliver the document to the customer.

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