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We're Experts at Producing and Delivering Printed & Digital Communications

BFC partners with clients to provide exceptional print, fulfillment and technology services to automate the creation, production, and distribution of printed and electronic communications. 

BFC provides expert services with exceptional quality.

At BFC, print production, including digital, commercial and wide format printing, as well as prepress, bindery & mailing are all done in our 120,000 square foot facility.

Our integrated, innovative approach to print manufacturing is an efficient combination of our technology-based solutions, our people, and the best equipment available to ensure that the final product meets your budget, timeframe, and the quality you expect.

Case Study

Sterling Insurance

It’s our service that sets us apart: service that is personalized, flexible, and responsive to the needs of our clients.

Kitting. Fulfillment and Distribution. Warehouse Management.

For many of our clients, our work doesn’t end with the printed product. Successful execution also relied on BFC’s consistently efficient and accurate fulfillment services. From the kitting of product samples to complex personalized kit fulfillment, BFC has the experience and processes in place that are required for success.

Case Study

Home Warranty of America

BFC was able to significantly improve efficiencies and provide 100% accuracy through integrated data-driven automation. 

System implementations automating print and fulfillment processes.

From automated document creation, to eStore ordering to campaign management, BFC offers efficient and scalable solutions for your company’s print or digital communication needs.

Our in-house development team leverages the latest technology to continually update our software that integrates and enhances your existing systems and supports your evolving needs. And, it’s all supported by BFC’s unmatched personal service.

Case Study

American Home Shield

Our company started with printing, but we have grown to encompass all the tools and services needed to execute campaigns. 




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Got a silo problem? If you’re like most companies doing targeted and personalized marketing, you do. You may have plenty of customer data, but it might be in different places (silos), and these places often aren’t talking to each other. As a result, your marketing is less effective than it could be. Here are some risks to having siloed data: • Unhappy customers. Whenever mail gets lost because you have the wrong address, whenever a mail piece arrives with a bad name, or you offer to sell a long-term customer a product they already own, you risk alienating that customer. • High costs. The average price of every piece of returned mail is $3 (Source: Pitney Bowes). This is not just the postage and printing. It’s the cost of the piece coming back to you, figuring out what went wrong, and taking the time to fix it. • Lost sales. How many marketing opportunities are lost because the data on customers’ preferences and behavior is siloed in different departments? That translates into lost revenue. Let’s look at five steps for getting rid of those silos. 1. Connect inbound mail to outbound mail. Build in tracking mechanisms that allow you to connect the incoming to outgoing mail. This can be as simple as adding a barcode unique to each participant. When the response envelope comes in, the barcode is scanned. This connects the incoming mail to the outbound file, linking the customer information together. 2. Centralize data capture. Centralize mail processing in one location. Capture mail coming in from marketing, sales, customer service, web forms, and anywhere else in your company. 3. Extract what you need. Your mail contains lots of essential details that can be useful to your print and digital marketing. Extract all of the insights you can, including names, addresses, channel preferences, transaction history, and customer surveys. Input it into a centralized database that can be accessed throughout the organization. 4. Look and learn. Assign someone with a marketing and data background to analyze your database to understand what it tells you. Contained in there are critical nuggets about customer behavior, channel preferences, and more. Need help? Just ask! 5. Put it to use. With a closed-loop on your mail communications and a centralized, up-to-date database accessible by all departments, you have a powerful marketing tool at your disposal. Take what you can learn and use it to improve your targeted and personalized direct mail marketing or other customer communications.

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Got a silo problem? If you’re like most companies doing targeted and personalized marketing, you do. You may ...
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“Do You Really Know Me?” From: Your Customer

To create genuinely personal communications, you need to know your customers. This requires more than knowing basics like ...

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