Why You Need a Web-Based Portal for All Marketing Collateral

Is it possible to have a single, web based portal for all marketing collateral? The answer is yes. Learn how in this guide.

Marketing collateral encompasses a lot and, as a result, can be difficult to keep track of. Wouldn’t it be easier to have one place to see your company marketing and promotional tools?

Such a thing does exist! When you choose to use a web-based portal for all marketing collateral, you make running e-commerce stores and more so much easier.

Here are several benefits to using a single web-based portal to keep track of your company marketing materials and media.

Access All Marketing Collateral from One Place

Having one web-based portal is more convenient because you can access everything from one place.

Look at your sales collateral, email and mail campaigns, and other promotional tools all in one place. It streamlines your company marketing process. It also makes it easier for others to find what they are looking for since they only have to look in one place.

Organization is key. It is one of many best marketing tips to follow.

E-Commerce Stores Information Available All Day Every Day

With a web-based portal, your marketing collateral for e-commerce stores is available all day, every day.

MyResource will help you stay on top of your business and marketing needs at any hour of the day. It centralizes the way you order for direct mail and email campaigns, sales collateral, and other promotional tools.

Your brand is important, and having access to it even during non-business hours could help you in an emergency. This is why using a distributed network is useful, so you or another employee can connect from anywhere.

No Constant Username and Password Confusion

A web-based portal like myResource means that you don’t have to remember an infinite amount of usernames and passwords. That’s right: you just need to remember one.

Instead of trying to keep your different accounts for creator, distributor, and fulfillment websites straight, give yourself a break so you just have to remember one!

It may help keep your information more secure as well; you will not have to worry about misplacing your information.

Cut Down Your Marketing Costs

Think about how much money you can save when you used a marketing web-based portal like myResource instead of going through the usual hoops.

Instead of having to pay out for company marketing—such as marketing material creation, distribution, fulfillment, inventory, and more—you can cut down your costs when you streamline everything.

Cheaper company marketing and promotional materials mean more money to invest elsewhere in your brand. You can reallocate your funds to other parts of your brand that may need it.

Try a Web-Based Portal Today

It is easier to have everything for your company marketing in one place. Stay secure, organized, and cost-efficient by using a distributed network!

With myResource, you will be able to have marketing collateral, direct mail and email campaigns, ad builder tools, sales support, and even more for e-commerce stores! You can’t go wrong by making the switch.

Contact us today to get started on using myResource for all of the aforementioned benefits!

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