Fulfillment Services

For many of our clients, the work doesn’t end with the printed product. Successful execution also relies on consistently efficient and accurate fulfillment services. With BFC managing this process, you can be sure that your unique fulfillment needs will be met, with no last minute surprises.

Everything we do at BFC is influenced by the needs of the customer. From custom kitting to complex packaging requirements, we have the facilities and expertise to meet your fulfillment needs.

Below are common fulfillment services we provide; if you have a fulfillment need that you don’t see here, get in touch — chances are we do that, too.

  • Kitting & Fulfillment

    Kitting & Fulfillment

    Oftentimes the materials of a custom packet are comprised of many different components that require assembly. At BFC, we have perfected the art of kit and assembly.

  • Pick & Pack

    Pick & Pack

    After 40 years of refining our automated systems and processes, BFC is uniquely qualified to administer a pick & pack program. We process over 500 orders daily, with flawless accuracy.

  • Direct Mail

    Direct Mail

    Direct mail requires the coordination of multiple facets within the printing arena. All aspects, one roof, no headaches. Pretty simple.

  • Postal Optimization

    Postal Optimization

    We use a wide range of tools to maximize postal discounts for our clients, including presort programs, data hygiene, and co-mingling.

  • Email Marketing

    Email Marketing

    Our automated email marketing platform makes the administration of campaigns a breeze. Set it and forget it!

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