5 Reasons Why Print is Still on Target

Tempted to shift marketing dollars to electronic media because it is less expensive? Think before you switch. While electronic media, including email, can be an important part of the mix, print remains the bedrock of an effective long-term campaign. Let’s look at five reasons why print is still on target!

1. Cut through the clutter.

With less postal mail in the mailbox, your printed pieces get noticed right away. Let the competition fight it out in the inbox. You have your prospect’s attention the moment they open the mailbox door.

2. Add instant credibility.

The public is rightfully wary of many of the offers that appear in their email box. While it is easy for any company to create a professional looking email, print tells the reader that you are the real deal. If you put it in print, consumers trust that you are who you say you are.

3. Stay connected.

More and more, people are tiring of 24/7 electronic connectivity. Make sure the prospect has your information at his fingertips when he unplugs from digital devices. Print never runs out of power.

4. Print makes sense.

Print appeals to all five senses. It appeals to the eye, with rich colors and textures beyond what we can get on screen. Printed paper appeals to our sense of smell, which is handled by the same part of the brain that handles memory and emotion. It appeals to our sense of hearing too, as the pages crinkle and slide. As we reach out to experience the texture of special papers and finishes, it appeals to the touch. (Click the link below for our free Guide to Paper Finishes – Coatings, Foils, and more!)

5. You can’t hide from print.

What percentage of electronic media is reaching the destination? The same developers who introduced the electronic platforms are developing technologies to empower consumers to avoid them. Think TiVo and spam filters. The mail carrier, on the other hand, always delivers your mail.

Consider print versus e-marketing as not an either/or choice. Increasingly, marketers are using both together for a one-two punch. But some information just needs the pace and benefits of print, and it has never been easier or less expensive to get high-quality printed materials in the hands of your target audience. Look for our blog titled, “Print Powers Social Media”!

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