Want to Sell More? Keep It Dripping!

If you keep hearing the term “drip marketing,” there’s a reason. It’s a powerful lead nurturing tool that works.

The marketer sends (drips) regular marketing communications, often through multiple channels, with strategic precision designed to move a prospect through the sales funnel over time. It uses a combination of direct mail, email, mobile marketing, newsletters, or other content at the appropriate stage of the sales process.

Let’s take the example of selling a motorcycle.

  • Bob goes to the manufacturer’s website and begins research on a new bike. He decides to “create his own bike” by choosing the model, color, and options, then downloads a PDF that he prints out and shows to his wife.
  • Creating the bike triggers a thank-you email that provides Bob with the name and address of his closest motorcycle dealership where he can take “his” bike out for a test ride.
  • If Bob does not schedule a test ride within a specific time frame, he receives a personalized letter from a salesperson outlining reasons why now is the time to buy.
  • If Bob does not come in for a test drive, he receives an email nudging him to do so.
  • If Bob comes in for the test ride but does not buy the motorcycle, within 48 hours, he receives a glossy brochure in the mail with more details about the bike and an incentive to purchase.
  • Once Bob makes a purchase, he receives a thank-you package from the dealership and is moved into the customer retention funnel.

This is drip marketing—sending multichannel communications appropriate to each stage of the sales process to move the prospect along until they make the buying decision. These programs are highly effective and uniquely tailored to the sales cycle of each product or service.

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