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Variable Imaging

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Variable imaging is also known in the industry as variable data printing. It is a type of digital printing that enables you to change specific elements of a piece. For example, the colors, images or copy on materials are changeable without the need to stop the printing process. With leading technologies this produces, dependable, high quality results quickly.

Take Your Print Marketing to Another Level with Variable Imaging

Variable imaging is an excellent way to customize every piece of your company’s promotional materials for your target audience. In addition, it is ideal for direct mailers that are much more effective when personalized.

Different Types of Variable Imaging

Address and name variability helps to accurately display the right recipient for every piece. This is the most fundamental factor of variable printing, which makes it also among the most important one. Without a doubt, variability saves time for both the customer and the printing process.

-Additional versioning. This basically means that every piece has variable elements and is customized. For instance, like certain parts of copy for a sales letter. Versioning allows for personalization and enhances the ability to develop a connection with your potential clients.

-Data-driven graphics. This advances customization even further and can be done in several different ways. Data-driven graphics, for instance, might include a chart displaying information particular to that potential customer. Graphics displaying specific numbers are effective for generating interest in print materials.

-Personalizing images. Quite simply, compelling images are essential for helping the brain store information. To that end, personalizing images for your recipients sends a unique message that they are more likely to remember. Image personalization enables recipients to experience their very own, distinct image. For instance, a running shoe store might have data on a customer’s last shoe purchase. Using an image of that brand’s newest shoe can help draw the customer back in for a follow up purchase.

Connect with New Customers, Enhance Connections with Existing Customers

A variable printing project may tend to be more expensive in comparison to other types of printing projects. However, that isn’t necessarily the most critical issue to consider. Variable printing also tends to result in a greater return on investment. This is largely because personalization is such a reliable, proven strategy for connecting with potential customers. Responses to direct mail campaigns typically occur at approximately one percent. On the other hand, those campaigns that benefit from variable imaging are frequently much higher. As a result, those are printing projects that are a very sound investment for your business.

The Benefits of Adding Color to Variable Imaging

Data in general indicates that adding color to variable printing yields positive results. Full color, dynamic print materials consistent show a greater reply rate than print pieces without color. This might be because full color images demonstrate a commitment to connecting with customers. Although they might be not be directly aware of it, that helps influence a potential customer’s decision making

Digital colors are crisp and distinctive, making them more appealing to the eye than other types of color printing. With our state-of-the-art color printers, the BFC team can produce vivid, attractive colors with practically no limitations. If you can imaging it, we can make it happen!

Graphic Designs and Digital Printers

Graphic design can involve various capabilities. Locating a designer with a specialty in precisely what you are searching for is essential for optimal results. We work with graphic designers who offer expertise digital production requirements.

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The advantages of variable imaging can include the following:

-Faster rate of customer response.

-More repeat customers, develop customer loyalty.

-A better return for your marketing budget.

-Sets your products or services apart from the competition.

At BFC, we have the capabilities to perform variable imaging that gets excellent results working with your own data. No variable printing job is too big or too small for our leading-edge production facility in Batavia, IL.

To gain a full understanding of how variable imaging can help grow your business, schedule a consultation with BFC today at 630-557-8060.

Variable data printing – as we describe at the top of the post – is a printing process using special software. It enables you to modify the output of a printing press to customize every single printed piece. One of its most commonly uses is addressing. However, our team can use it to personalize your graphics, copy or entire messaging. That makes your materials very relevant and “on point” to the person receiving them. This practice continually shows to be far more effective than generic, basic marketing.

Variable imaging combines highly technical printing with fully custom marketing efforts. For instance, we can insert information ranging from the name and address to the age or hair color of your customers. Practically any relevant information about them can display on the print materials. And those materials can be flyers, brochures, posters, postcards, catalogs and much more.

Variable data imaging and printing is innovative technology BFC uses to change colors, background images, text and artwork. It’s possible to print different colorful images on your latest offers for various customer types. Also, you can send happy birthday cards specific for every month and update the text for especially loyal customers.

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Personalized Marketing for Your Next Promotional Campaign

BFC’s variable data printing technologies are an ideal method for companies to scale their marketing campaigns. Sending out a few thousand print pieces to your customers? BFC can expertly tailor every piece to your exact specifics. Or, perhaps you plan to send just a few hundred pieces instead. That’s still no problem at all. Our technology enables us to print however many pieces you’ll need while at the same time keeping it affordable. Furthermore, there’s no need for you to install extra software or other tools to utilize variable data printing. Most likely all our team will request from you would be a spreadsheet of relevant data for your project.

A few good examples of what your company can do with materials we can customize for you with variable data printing include:

-Send out referral cards to your customers. Personalized with each customer’s purchase history.

-Distribute welcome letters with photographs of your customer support team.

-Send coupons with information based upon each customer’s purchase history.

Marketing Direct Mailers and Personalized Printing

Among the most frequent and effective utilizations of personalized print materials is when it arrives

into the mailboxes of your customers. They tend to engage more when reading tangible mail. Consequently, your messaging is even more notable when it is custom for each recipient. Certainly, the U.S. Postal Service finds that almost 80 percent of consumers find reading physical mail easier than reading online.

Consider these suggestions to help get started on variable imaging ideas for your company:

-Coupon offers based upon each customer’s purchase history and how long they’ve been a customer.

-Custom letters each with a signature of your sales representatives.

-Letters with geographic locations, tax identification and customer name with address.

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