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Variable Imaging Chicago IL

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Print media remains as an essential component in marketing campaigns. It presents multiple applications for promoting a business, service or product. In addition, print media is effective for advertising special events that businesses use for promotions. The fundamental purpose for printing brochures, catalogues and letterheads is to convey to an audience the benefits of your products.

However, one downside to conventional printing can be the lack of personalization. For instance, consider a brochure announcing a new product by your company. The conventional method of printing typically involves one template to convey the relevant information about the product. While this may seem to get the job done to some degree, the generic format is less than compelling. From the perspective of potential customers, it may not be very interesting. A more effective alternative to conventional multi-copy printing is customizing the materials to potential customers. This process, though, used to require a lot of individual effort on each piece that took a lot of time. But thanks to the advances of technology, it is now possible to produce various pieces in a single print session. There’s no need to stop to make changes to the layout. It is Variable Imaging Chicago IL that makes it possible.

Variable Imaging Chicago IL

Just one printing session can feature various data on each print template. There’s no need to halt the printing process. This is possible by continually syncing individualized data with the printer utilizing a database. Variable Imaging Chicago IL is beneficial to direct marketing campaigns, customer relations management and invoicing. It’s also ideal for applying addresses on postcard campaigns, brochures and self-mailers.

The advantage of variable imaging stems from its combination of technology and mass digital printing capability. The database of your customers’ contact information and email address directly corresponds to the print-head. Digital printing can conveniently alter data by utilizing software that directs information from a database. Variable data printing can accomplish more complicated variations for a print session. It complies with all the standards of the slower-paced digital or offset print processes without risk of misprints.

-Customer information variability. This is the most typical variation variable imaging utilizes as part of a mail campaign. Variable imaging utilizes mailing list databases, updating different names and mailing addresses on every piece of printing.
-Versioning. This includes other details to update within the text of materials.
-Transaction information. Variable imaging is utilized very often in the printing of each customer’s transactional information.

Advantages of Variable Imaging Chicago IL

Many Chicagoland businesses benefit from variable imaging because it presents the ability to conserve time and effort. It provides personalization for their clients. Variable imaging delivers results with respect to return on investment in advertising.

Variable data printing can help increase the ROI of advertising campaigns with variations in their mailers. The process enables you to present complex variations with each piece of material. As a result, you can retain useful information regarding your list of customers. Letters can differentiate
according to customer location, interests and product selection.

Practically every consumer is aware of the barcodes present on product labels. Upon first look, they appear to be similar on each piece. However, after comparing them you’ll discover that they are different for every piece. Barcode print is a good example of variable print media in which the print matrix changes slightly with each piece. Businesses can utilize this to provide customers with individual barcodes. This practice on promotional letters and special offer cards provides the customer a sense of priority. This helps to highlight special offers and makes it more likely they’ll make a purchase.

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