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Variable Data Solutions

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Printings and mailings are effective and continue to hold a place in contemporary marketing strategies. However, if you’re looking to truly maximize your marketing dollar, talk to BFC. With the advantages of our variable data capabilities it’s possible to see your response rates improve. The benefits of variable data printing can include:

-Quicker rate of response.

-More repeating orders.

-Lasting customer loyalty.

-A better ROI for your marketing budget.

-Differentiate your products and services from the competition.

BFC provides the capabilities to successfully perform variable data printing in-house.

Boost Response Rates – Variable Data Solutions

Let us help take your marketing materials to another level with custom campaigns that generate leads and help grow sales.

Custom Messaging That Connects with Your Customers

The utilization of variable data printing can turn a routine mailer campaign into a distinct message. For example, by targeting customers with their name and purchase history, each piece become more effective.

Enacting a smart marketing plan for your business is critical for gaining trust with potential customers. Direct mail remains a great way to reach a specific audiences and generate interest. Research indicates that recipients respond positively to direct mail marketing. Particularly when the services and information you’re providing them is what they’re seeking at that time.

The Effectiveness of Variable Data

Variable data enables you to adjust the images, text and other elements on your direct mail materials. This enables an appeal straight to the recipient’s location, interests, family status and other particulars. Any custom information you place on your marketing content increases the chance that consumers will connect with your message.

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Convenience for Customers Means Convenience for Your Business

Customize the pieces in your direct mailing with relevant information for the recipient. For instance, feature the address of the store nearest to them along with business hours. That serves to reduce the amount of calls you’ll receive seeking that information. Likewise, include a map that helps clients find you directly so they don’t miss special events. Or, based upon the advertising campaign, update phone numbers so direct mail recipients are able to reach the right people.

Variable Data Printing Benefits Online Marketing

There is no understating the continual growth of online advertising. However, the basics of what makes advertising successful still remains the same. Certainly, successful ad plans are both tactically strong and part of a wider strategy. To that end, an advertising campaign that features print as well as online components will attain optimal effectiveness.

One of the advantages of marketing online is its ability to provide variable content to people according to their behaviors. It’s most frequently seen with Google ads. For instance, a fitness product ad appears after the consumer enters a search term for “exercise.”

By utilizing variable data printing, a similar thing occurs but with greater results. In contrast to online marketing, a postcard or brochure is tangible. Consequently, a consumer is more prone to spend time viewing your information. That increases the likelihood of them engaging and responding to your call to action.


Lastly, one of the greatest benefits of variable data printing is the ability to track reply rates efficiently. Indeed, variable data enables for the placement of barcodes and coupon numbers on promotional pieces. Consequently, this offers marketers an easy and useful method of tracking your ongoing results.

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Without a doubt, consumers are more likely to tune out boring, conventional marketing materials. In fact, as many as 75 percent of consumers immediately look elsewhere when marketing is not relevant for them. By making your materials custom to your target consumer you’ll increase engagement and reply rates. Ultimately, that leads to a better return on your investment.

Fundamentals of Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail marketing is basically a campaign that utilizes a mail service for delivering promotional print pieces. For maximum effectiveness, the campaign sends the promotional pieces to target consumers.

It’s essentially a tool that enables business to reach customers at their homes through physical mail.

For example, a business may send out an ad, brochure or coupons for specialty services and products. When the items arrive in the mailboxes of potential customers, they deliver your messaging effectively.

Focusing on a certain group or location makes it possible to reach people who want your particular services. For instance, sending flyers to residents of a town before your new location opens is effective for raising awareness. If helps offer the opportunity to generate traffic and enhance sales leads. With any form of direct mail, the appropriate timing of follow-up is important.

Knowing your best potential customers is a critical factor when it comes to direct mail marketing. As an example, targeting homeowners who may have an interest in your contracting services is a good start.

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However, this marketing strategy is not specific to only ads and coupons. It may also be a method of providing helpful information. Sending out a political stance postcard relating to an upcoming local election, for instance. Or delivering an informational brochure with details of a certain service or new products. Direct mail efforts also function well when it integrates with other techniques like emailing or outdoor ads.

Advantage for Your Company’s Marketing Strategy

With respect to reaching a particular consumers, there are many reasons why direct mail marketing in Illinois works. While every business is distinct, the advantages remain consistent when part of your marketing plan:

-BFC can develop direct mail quickly and efficiently.

-Direct mail has different format options to suit your campaign.

-Seizes the attention of potential customers with visual cues and information relevant to them.

-Supplies the tools for learning more about a business, product, event or services.

-Easy to customize with demographic information and customer contact listings.

-Provides useful details to your potential and existing customers. Even if they don’t immediately take advantage of your services.

-Convenient for your customers to reply.

By distributing marketing materials via postal mail, businesses can assure that their marketing goes straight to a highly specific list. Furthermore, a marketing strategy is able to expand as your business grows. That makes it possible to attract and keep customers over time.

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BFC provides the expertise for your business to launch effective direct mail marketing in Illinois and nationwide. The BFC direct mailing team brings a particular dedication to fulfilling direct mail efforts that truly work. Without a doubt, we apply our experience, tools and leading technologies to assure success for our customers. Schedule a consultation with the staff at BFC to learn more about:

-Ink jetting and laser imaging.

-Contact database managing.

-Layout and in-house design.

-Warehousing for printed materials.

-U.S. Postal Service mail processes and deliveries.

Besides the design, print and delivery your adverting materials, BFC offers professional database management. That makes it possible to identify and target certain groups from your mailing list. With our solutions, it is possible to develop a realistic, effective strategy to gain new customers for your business.

BFC Variable Data Solutions

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