Using Print to Appreciate Customers

Here at BFC, we like to use our printing capabilities to show customers our appreciation. We believe that print creates more meaningful connections with people, allowing us, as an organization, to present our message in a more engaging and organic fashion – where email sometimes falls short.

This isn’t just our own unfounded belief either; studies have found that print is more effective than digital when it comes to getting your audience to take action. Print tends to last longer, and we tend to hold onto printed pieces that interest us more often than digital media. This makes it an excellent tool to connect with your customers in unique and effective ways.

For example, in the past we hosted a golf tournament where we took photos of attendees. We used the images to create a calendar commemorating the event. Each participant received their own personalized calendar reminding them of a great event and day. It was a nice, simple way we used print to show that we appreciate our clients.

Of course, this is just one example of how you can use print in this manner. Below are some more ideas you can build from and create your own client appreciation campaign. Remember, while these items have the side effect of subtly marketing your organization to your customers, your main goal should be to provide them with print materials they’ll use and value.

Notepads in Packets

If you have printed information packets for prospects or new client orientations or events, adding in a printed notepad that includes your branding, is a nice touch your client will appreciate. For one, everyone always needs a spare writing pad. This is also a great way to insert some branding for your organization without alienating them.

These notepads can come in a variety of sizes. You can choose a full size 8 ½ x 11 pad, or settle on a smaller size more suited for everyday note taking. The size of the packet you are including this in will probably dictate the size you decide on.

When it comes to the branding, you don’t have to make it too over the top. A simple logo at the bottom or top of the pages, along with contact info such as a general email and phone number will suffice.


We’ve already mentioned how we used a calendar to capture memories from one specific event, but you can also use calendars in a more general manner. Sending one for the start of a new year is generally a popular and welcomed idea.

To add a personal touch, you can choose images that share the character of your business and are also creative and entertaining for your customers. One idea could be “The Pets of BFC,” for example, would be a cute and easy way to provide something your customers and prospects would appreciate (who doesn’t love animal calendars?). Or, if you serve local customers, the calendar might include a list of local events and activities happening in town that year.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to do something so labor intensive, you can simply print and mail a one-sheet calendar with all 12 months on the page. This can feature your branding and colors, and is a piece of collateral your clients can easily post on their cubicle wall.

Thank You and Holiday Cards

Get in the habit of sending an annual thank you card to your clients and another card when the holiday season begins. In each, be sure to write a personalized message. Something as simple as:

Hi (First Name)

I just wanted to reach out and thank you for deciding to partner with (your business) this year. I hope you get a sense of how important your business is to us. As always, if you ever need anything from me, please feel free to reach out any time.

Thanks again,

(Your name)

While it may not seem like much, even small efforts like this can go a long way toward showing your clients that their business is important to you.

Get Creative

These are just a few suggestions to help get you started creating your own client appreciation projects. The main thing to keep in mind throughout this process is to rely on your creativity to develop projects which actively express the personality of you and your organization. You have a real opportunity here to stand out to your customers. Don’t let it go to waste.

Want to see how you can use Variable Data Printing (VDP) methods to personalize print projects for your customers? Click the button below to download our free VDP guide.

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