Tap the Marketing Power of Exclusivity

Want to increase the chances that your prospect will bite?
Make your next direct mail or email offer an exclusive one.

Studies show that exclusive offers get people to buy sooner, buy things they normally wouldn’t, and spend more money when they do. Exclusivity is powerful. According to a recent survey by SheerID and Kelton Global, more than two-thirds of respondents say that an offer just for them is more appealing than one sent to the public at large. Ninety-four percent said they would take advantage of an offer that wasn’t made available to everyone.

Not only are people more likely to use an exclusive offer, but the survey found they are more likely to…

  • Make purchases sooner than they normally would (48%)
  • Seek out something to buy so they could use the offer (41%)
  • Treat themselves to something they normally wouldn’t (38%)
  • Buy a more expensive product than they normally would (28%)
  • Spend more than they typically do (25%)

Exclusivity even provides you with benefits when people aren’t ready to buy right away. Thirty percent of respondents to the survey said they found exclusive offers compelling enough to save for a special date.

Of course, sending an exclusive offer means you are going to narrow down your target audience unless you are mailing exclusive offers to everyone on your list (whether individually or as part of a segment). This means you need to pick your target audience(s) carefully and match the right offers to the right people.

In order to fully tap the power of exclusivity, it will take some testing and refining to get it right. This is where the benefits of digital printing can play a huge role. The ability to print short test runs economically gives you the ability to test and refine your offers before launching your full campaign.

Exclusivity is a powerful tool, but don’t be haphazard about it. Start early, do robust testing, and make sure that you are mailing the right offers to the right people to make the most of what this approach has to offer.

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