Spot UV Coating – How Did They Do That?

Dazzling. Brilliant.

Whether you’re looking for a high impact shine to make an image jump off the page or to add a subtle shimmer, spot UV is a versatile, cost-effective process that adds that extra something that makes your project pop. UV coating is cured instantly using ultraviolet light. It creates a brilliant finish that is precise enough to highlight even the fine details of images or text. UV coating is also highly resistant to scuffing and moisture and helps to protect the piece over time.

Whether spot UV is used to flood the piece or simply to provide highlights, you can’t miss the effect. As soon as light hits the areas where the coating is applied, they dazzle. If you’re an automotive manufacturer, for example, you might add UV spot coating over the entire body of a car to enhance its gloss and shine. On a business card, you might use spot UV coating over top of your logo to make it leap off the page.

Another way to use spot UV is a technique called “clear impact.” In this technique, the entire background is uncoated, while the UV coating is used to make specific portions of the text or graphic design jump out. If you’re a nonprofit fundraising for a clean water project, for example, you might use this technique on the water droplets falling from the spigot on a newly drilled well. Your eye is immediately drawn to those droplets, which sparkle like shimmering rain. Spot UV can be used on a wide range of stocks, but for maximum impact, try using spot UV on matte finished paper. Thicker weights are generally preferred. This will create the greatest contrast with the glossy coating.

Here’s another benefit of spot UV: The process emits no VOCs, so it does not release toxic compounds into the air. This means it does not contribute to environmental pollution. Need more reasons to love spot UV? Ask us for samples!

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