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Printing Kane County IL

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At BFC, all facets of the production process are performed in-house: from data to printing to mailing. Our integrated, innovative approach to communication and print management is an efficient combination of our technology-based solutions, our client services and the best equipment available today to assure that the final product meets your budget, timeframe, and the quality you expect from our company.

Commercial and Digital Printing Kane County IL

BFC integrates an array of leading-edge equipment that includes both digital and commercial sheet-fed presses. From 500 pieces to 100,000 or more, we have the capacity to print any size job. Our facility’s sheet-fed production printers are suited for graphic communications and high-volume printing applications, including transaction printing, publishing, direct mail, print-on-demand, packaging, marketing collateral and more. Our digital printing press models and production printers are available in full color or monochrome, combining a vivid quality with high speed and productivity.

A quick look at some of the key advantages to digital Printing Kane County IL include:

The technologies for digital Printing Kane County IL make it possible to do less expensive, low-volume, multiple-product printing within a limited time frame. In addition, limited printing time enables for a variety of printing patterns according to individual requirements, time of year and creativity. The capability to set up a clean work environment with equipment that saves space makes it possible reduce the costs and time for distribution.

-Speedy delivery, full color. A single process without the need for plates provides full color printing that enables timely delivery. Additionally, digital Printing Kane County IL allows for many possibilities for designs with full colors and gradation prints.

-Reduces time for color matching. It’s possible to produce single samples of the same high quality in comparison to the end product with the original designs. Analog print methods require time for color matching prior to beginning production. Digital printing eliminates that extra time so production can get started faster.

-More affordable. The lower costs of digital production is attained by printing without the use of plates and with fewer steps in the process.

-Smaller volume productions. Digital Printing Kane County IL makes it possible to perform on-demand, variable data printing and customized production.

-Adds more value. Digital print processes simply make it easier to promptly fulfill the needs of customers. Along with standard color print, inkjet printers can produce glossy finishes, embossed effects and texture print that enhances value to materials.

-Digital Printing Kane County IL workflow. Inkjet printers frequently enable the job to finish within a matter of hours, while analog printing processes typically take a lot more time.

Variable Data Printing

A method of printing that uses software to change the output of a digital printing press, variable data printing allows the customization of each printed piece with distinctive information sourced from a database or a spreadsheet. It’s generally used for addressing but it’s also used to customize graphics, text or a complete marketing message. The effective result is one that’s especially relevant to the person receiving it. At BFC, nearly 80 percent of our production is impacted by variable data printing.

The Advantages of Variable Data Printing

Utilizing variable data printing enables you to create direct mail that draws attention while appealing to your target customer base. There are multiple benefits to variable data printing as part of direct mailer marketing campaigns:

-Use data from mailing lists to boost the return on your investment. Variable data Printing Kane County IL enables companies to create customized copy and compelling information to attract the attention of consumers. It allows you to make adjustments to the information your direct mail campaigns use based upon, for example, where consumers live, they’re marital status or any other type of relevant information that helps make a lasting connection with your target audience. With custom and current information it means your direct mail pieces are more relevant and appealing to the recipients.

-Change your phone numbers or return address. If your business maintains several offices or store locations, variable data Printing Kane County IL allows you to print the ones that are the most accessible for the recipients. Plus, depending upon the specifics of the campaign, you’re able to change phone numbers so the recipients are able to contact the appropriate staff within the business.

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-Uses customized fonts. Besides printing mailing list data and addresses directly on the mailer pieces, you can print in a variety of fonts to complement the rest of your designs and corporate identity. Also, based upon the variety of potential customers you’re targeting, you can change the fonts.

-Color draws attention. Not surprisingly, colors tend to get more attention from recipients than standard black and white print. Use colors effectively to complement brand identities and to highlight essential information in your direct mailers.

-Include informative maps and appealing images. You can alter your maps and images with variable data Printing Kane County IL. Show precisely where your stores are in relation to other landmarks in their particular neighborhoods. Or, display customized images that are based upon that specific recipient’s demographic.

Intelligent and Selective Insertion

Through the usage of two-dimensional barcodes and selective insertions, BFC produces reliable and complete accuracy in our assembly of personalized communications. With selective insertion – basically the placement of extra mail in an envelope intended for only a limited number of customers – our clients save money and time while also eliminating errors. Selective insertion can be used for adding:

-A newsletter to an invoice.

-Fliers, coupons, promotions or advertisements.

-An important product update or announcement for an upcoming event.

The many benefits of selection insertion services include:

-It’s a time-saver because it’s an automated process done with the assistance of a program and our insertion machines.

-Selective insertion allows businesses to connect with specific customers, which saves money by not distributing unnecessary materials.

-The process means you won’t send out multiple print materials to customers unnecessarily, like a separate product update or company newsletter. This can help save costs money on postage, envelopes and mail processing.

-With selective insertion, it’s easier to add a coupon or a promotion to your bills or account statements. This helps you to engage in effective advertising and marketing without spending extra money for postage.

-Targeted marketing becomes easier with selective insertion: you’re able to effortlessly distribute marketing materials only to those customers in specific areas or who use certain products and services.

That makes it convenient to make a big announcement like a new service, a new name or a change to your billing practices.

-In the event another business wants to partner with you and advertise via your mailings, selective insertion makes it possible. This can serve to boost revenue while also connecting your valuable customers with information about services and products they may find beneficial.

Whether you utilize intelligent, selective insertion for mailing statements and bills or instead for a different kind of mailing purpose it is a useful feature that helps make your company’s mailings easier, faster and even more cost-effective. Selective insertion is just one of many mailing and Printing Kane County IL solutions that BFC offers our clients.

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