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Traditional offset printing is the one of the more cost-effective print solutions. For example, it’s ideal for larger orders of commercial printing projects like brochures, magazines, folders, flyers and stationery. Also, offset printing is often the way to go for yearly business reports, business cards and direct mailers.

Computer-to-plate technologies assures the laser-imaging of your design onto printing plates. From the plates, your image, graphics and text transfers to the final product’s surface. Due the precision of our process, the results are always exactly as our customer envisions them. Certainly, our presses can produce consistently top-quality print solutions with coatings to result in a smooth or shiny finish.

Offset printing technologies involve the use of plates, which are typically made of aluminum. The image from the plates then transfer onto what’s called the rubber “blanket.” From there, the image roll onto sheets of paper. This process is known as “offset” because the ink does not transfer straight onto the sheets of paper. Offset printing is usually the right choice when you need large quantities. Specifically, it offers accuracy in color reproduction with printing that looks sharp and clear.

With offset printing, for instance, we can receive delivery of your total order at a single time. Alternatively, there’s always our “pick and pack” solutions. This involves warehousing your materials until you are ready to deliver them either in bulk or through individual orders. BFC specializes in quality printing of a wide range of materials. From publications, catalogs and magazines to advertising and promotional flyers consider us your go-to source. Our state-of-the-art print solutions produces the very best in offset and digital printing.

Print Solutions for Your Business – BFC – Serving Chicagoland

BFC is a leader in the production and delivery of printed and electronic communication. Whether you have a specific message in mind or are simply looking for improvements, talk to our team today. We’re standing by to learn more about print and fulfillment needs and how we can help you. Contact us with our online form or call us directly at 630-557-8060. Our representatives will be get back to you right away.

For printing materials in large quantities for commercial applications, offset printing remains among the most cost-effective techniques. One of the reasons is that printing plates are durable because they don’t directly contact printing surfaces. They have a long lifespan when correctly developed and functioning with adequate quantities of inks and fountain solutions.

Print Solutions – Digital Printing

This type of printing is basically a requirement for practically all kinds of business. BFC’s investment in digital print and finishing enables us to fulfill the printing needs of our customers consistently. Our facility in Batavia, IL features digital print capabilities that lead our industry. Our team can provide efficient Print Solutions for all of your company’s digital print needs regardless of project specs.

At BFC, we serve clients from around Chicagoland and the nation who are searching for exceptional print solutions. If you need a few copies of a report or thousands of copies for a marketing effort, we can deliver. Besides the quality of our printing, you’ll also find our customer care is always reliable.

Warehousing of your print materials can get costly in terms of the space it occupies as well as time management. Additionally, there is the waste issue in the event you end up disposing outdated materials. To that end, BFC provides your business with a print-on-demand production plan eliminating the need for storing materials.

BFC Print – Fulfillment – Technology

Digital printing is an effective Print Solution for:

-Producing high quality, short run printing.

-Helps open up space in your facility by eliminating unnecessary print materials.

-Outsources your existing in-house document print needs.

-Customizes your company’s materials.

A significant part of any brand messaging involves a clear and distinctive corporate identity in all your marketing campaign materials. At BFC, we know that your company image is an essential component of your brand. For that reason, we utilize the best print presses and technologies available in our industry. Indeed, the goal of every print project we do is to simply get the very best results for our clients. Our facility has the capacity to create all of the print pieces you’ll need to appeal to your customers. In addition, you’ll protect and grow your brand awareness in your field.

Whether you already have significant brand awareness or just starting, we can help develop your company’s image. The messaging you present with your print marketing materials can carry across all your marketing efforts. For instance, through direct mailers, digital marketing and forms of advertising. Our design team gains an understanding of your business and your clients as part of developing your print solutions.

Contact the team at BFC today to for branding print materials such as:

-Posters and flyers.

-Business cards.

-Envelopes and letterheads.

-Mailing labels.


Grow Your Business with BFC Print Solutions

Print Solutions – Signs, Banners and Large Format Print Materials

Set your business apart from the competition in a major way with signs, banners and other large format print materials. Without a doubt, they are among the most effective ways of presenting your company message. At our facility, our team takes your order from the design stage to delivery in a fast and effective process. We use the best in prepress imaging, larger format printers all the way through to finishing equipment. Consequently, we obtain the excellent results you need on paper or vinyl surfaces.

Just a few examples of how you can benefit from large format print materials include:

-Meetings and trade shows.

-Special events and company celebrations.

-Retail space opening and renovations.

-Sales and promotions.

-Grand openings.

-Exhibitions and industry conferences.

Packaging, Binding and Custom Printing

Specialty print solutions can include anything pamphlets and brochures to product packaging and letters to customers. Whatever the needs of your business may be, BFC can deliver them. Without a doubt, our specialized print, binding and packaging solutions are among the best in the industry. We are able to print and package any project from standard brochures to brand catalogs, market reports and promotional materials.

When it comes to custom printing, we provide quality paper options and a wide selection of finishes and coatings. As a result, your projects stand apart and make a positive impression with your customers.

Visit BFC or call us to schedule a consultation with our team. Whether it’s planning a new product launch, new store opening or store relocations, you’ll find effective print solutions here. Call BFC for:

-Custom print services.

-Innovative graphic and package design.

-Promotional print materials.

Print Solutions – Direct Mail Marketing

Schedule a Consultation Today at BFC – 630-557-8060

At BFC, we understand that it’s essential for your print materials to arrive consistently in your customers’ mailboxes. Our direct mail team coordinates with you to assure accuracy with each item of your direct mail efforts.

We accomplish this by having a special team with certifications for mail piece quality assurance by the US Postal Service. At our full-service facility in Batavia, IL, we use the very latest technologies and best practices to manage your direct communication print materials. Some of the capabilities for a direct mail marketing effort include:

-Data processing.

-Management of databases.

-Ink jetting or laser imaging.


BFC Print Solutions

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