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The Fundamentals of Print on Demand

Perhaps you’re aware of the phrase “print on demand” and wonder what it’s all about. It basically is a reference to a printer’s capability of producing documents for their customers on an “as needed” basis. Print on Demand in a popular solution because it provides the opportunity to streamline operations while improving efficiency.

Does it Involve All Kinds of Printing?

Generally, most people associate print on demand with multiple-page documents such as books and market reports. However, you can utilize it for other varieties of print materials too. A key characteristic of print on demand is that their production runs are fairly short. For example, a customer may place an order for 150 copies of a new catalog instead of an entire skid.

Digital Printing is What Makes Print on Demand Possible.

Digital printing technologies are what makes it possible to print on demand. Conventional offset print presses require a lot more set-up time. Generally, that can lead to a higher per unit cost with a shorter production run. However, conventional offset presses are usually the more cost-effective option for larger production runs.

Other Advantages to Print on Demand

In addition to decreasing the cost per unit of short print runs, print on demand offers other benefits too. For example, it enables to our customers to store fewer copies of their materials in stock. Consequently, that means fewer brochures, catalogs, posters or other items taking up valuable space.

This can help limit the costs of storage and handling. Also, with lower inventory levels print on demand helps lower the risk of getting stuck with obsolete items. Print on demand – just as its name tells you – means only ordering what you need when you need it.

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Does your company utilize a significant number of catalogs, directories, reports and other multiple-page documents? Is available storage space and material handling become an expensive issue? Are you continually discarding good print materials because they’re obsolete? If the answer is “yes” to any of these, why not learn more about the benefits of print on demand?

Print-on-demand is a form of technology in which copies of a document go into print only after receiving orders. The amount of copies is only those that the order specifically requests. For example, when an order requests 50 copies of a company brochure, that is the number that goes into print.

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It is typically not economical to print just a few copies using conventional printing techniques like litho printing. However, because of digital technology it’s not just possible but reasonably cost-effective. Digital printing permits printing for a fixed cost for each regardless of order size. The unit price of every physical copy that prints is more than with litho printing. But the cost per each unit is less with smaller print runs because setup costs are lower. As a result, digital printing is ideal for small size print runs. Note that printing 100 brochures at a time will yield a lower cost per brochure than printing one copy.

Print on demand serves a significant role in the realm of book publishing. Large book publishers, for example, may reprint older books which have long been out of print. Or, to create promotional copies which they utilize for marketing purposes to generate more interest before placing a final order.

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Many academic and university publishers depend on print-on-demand for maintaining a backlist. Most recently, print-on-demand continues to grow in popularity among independent, small publishers. It makes business sense because they don’t have sufficient budgets for printing large volumes. Also, print on demand eliminates expenses like warehousing handling. For that reason, print-on-demand is especially efficient for self-publishing authors who circumvent bookstore distribution. They are able to target their market and keep capital expenditure to a minimum.

Some Advantages of Print on Demand

  • -No need for large capital expenditure up front for printing.
  • -Minimal waste from unsold products or products taking up space. This is because you print materials only as you need them.
  • -No more need to maintain products in stock because there’s no warehousing or inventory accounting expenses.
  • -It’s possible to print advertising and promotional items within a matter of just a few hours after placing the order.
  • -You can see response to your advertising or promotional materials before investing more money on printing.
  • -It’s convenient to make revisions to your materials.
Why Working with a Commercial Printer Benefits Your Business

Practically any business regardless of their size will at some point require commercial printing solutions. It could be business cards, advertising, product catalogs or brochures. Whatever the specifics, there are many valid reasons to turn to the commercial printing experts at BFC. When it comes to the ordering of print materials in Chicagoland, businesses depend on BFC for our workmanship and quick turnaround times.

These are some of the top benefits customers realize when utilizing the services of a commercial printing company:

Commercial Printing Solutions for the Chicagoland Business Community

-Quality of the materials. Anything a business prints for their customers to see is a reflection on their dedication to quality. Commercial printers have the ability to produce high quality materials than in-house set ups. Also, BFC practices consistent quality assurance for optimal results.

-Complete large print jobs efficiently and on schedule. BFC is able to complete bulk jobs promptly. We offer expertise in all aspects of printing. Our staff can troubleshoot any issues that might risk causing a delay.

-Saves on time and cost. Larger-scale print projects call for consistent monitoring to ensure accuracy. At BFC, we utilize our resources to oversee each print job to assure top quality. With us handling your commercial printing solutions, you’ll be free to focus on daily operations.

-Experience and expertise in design. Bringing your next design project to a commercial printer like BFC also allows you to benefit from our expertise. Through our years in the industry, we understand what is effective and what is less effective. Our team can improve on existing designs or help to create entirely new custom templates for your print materials.

BFC utilizes the very best equipment and technologies necessary to help your business with all your printing needs. To realize these benefits when fulfilling your next printing project, contact BFC today at 630-557-80680 or contact us online.

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-Long-range return on investment. Business managers who choose to go “DIY” and do their own commercial printing aren’t necessarily saving costs. Without a doubt, quality printing occurs only with use of expensive equipment – even when it’s just a standard copier. In addition, that basic desktop office printer is just like any other machinery. The more you run it the more likely it is to malfunction and require a service call.

Counting on our professional team with your next printing job means our equipment does the work instead of yours. Why not get the best printing materials you can for promoting your products and services?

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