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Print Services


At BFC, print production, including digital, commercial, and wide format printing, as well as prepress, bindery & mailing, are all done in our 120,000 square foot facility. Our integrated, innovative approach to print manufacturing is an efficient combination of our technology-based solutions, our people, and the best equipment available to ensure that the final product meets the budget, timeframe, and quality you expect.

Commercial Offset Printing

Our traditional sheet-fed offset printing experience allows us to offer a variety of solutions to meet your project needs. When it comes to larger quantities and the highest quality of color management, offset printing is a great choice. It utilizes tried and tested technology that allows for consistent output and the addition of metallic or specialized inks.

Offset printing has embraced technology and now uses streamlined processes to go from design to press. Traditional offset printing utilized non-reusable, bulky metal plates. This was required to handle the on-going transferring of the image onto the rubber roller. Now, plates utilize a thermal process to transfer the design to synthetic plates that can be recycled and are less expensive to operate.

Have you ever seen a brochure that has a shiny finish to highlight certain areas of the piece? Or has a soft touch feel? Another key feature of offset printing is the ability to do spot printing and varnishes. These added touches can increase the quality of your design and highlight areas of focus.

Offset Print Capabilities

• Heidelberg SM-102-6+P3+L 6 Color Perfector with Aqueous Coater: Max. Sheet Size: 28.35” x 40.16”
• Heidelberg CD-102-6+LX+F 6-Color with Aqueous Coater: Max. Sheet Size: 28.35” x 40.16”
• Heidelberg QM 46-2 2 Color: Max. Sheet Size: 13.5” x 18.125
• 3x AB Dick 9970D-9310-9810 2 Color w/Envelope Feeder: Max. Sheet Size: 13.5” x 17.5”
• TEC Lighting XtraCoat UV Coater: Max. Sheet Size: 17” x 23”

We Produce:
• Booklets
• Catalogs
• Brochures
• Applications
• Folders
• Forms
• Postcards
• Direct Mail
• Buck-slips

Digital Printing

Over the last few years, digital printing has gone from the home printer to high-end production equipment. The same process of sending a digital image/document directly to your Ink Jet can now be utilized to produce 10 to 100,000s of printed materials. Production digital presses can utilize toner (laser printer) or liquid inks (ink jet) to produce the highest quality of output.

Because there are no requirements for pre-press activities like offset printing, digital printing can reduce the design to production time to a few clicks of a button. Digital printing utilizes digital file formats like PDF, TIFF, and PSD that produce high resolution files for the process. We simply add crop marks and bleed areas to the digital image to ensure the finished product meets the finished product output and size.

Another key feature of digital printing is the ability to customize every single printed piece. With the increase in data driven printing, the digital format allows for personalization and profile driven printing. Things like direct mail, postcards, and business cards can change the content on every page. The thought of truly creating a one-to-one marketing message can now be accomplished with data and digital printing.

Digital Printing Equipment

• Océ VarioPrint i300 Inkjet Color Digital Press
• Océ VarioPrint i300 Inkjet Color Digital Press Cover Stock
• Canon ImagePRESS C10000VP Digital Color Presses
• Canon imagePRESS C7010VP Digital Color Press
• Océ VarioPrint 6160 Digital Presses
• Canon imagePRESS 1135+ Digital Presses
• Canon imagePRESS 1125 Digital Presses
• Canon imagePRESS 1100 Digital Press

We Produce:

• Print on demand items
• Business cards
• Brochures
• Flyers
• Postcards
• Stationery
• Manuals
• Booklets
• Identification Cards
• Enrollment Packages
• Renewal Solicitations/Billing Statements
• Posters
• Inserts

Variable And Direct Mail Printing

A key capability of variable and direct marketing printing is the use of digital printing equipment. The ability to use data to change content of every image is a requirement to produce truly variable print.

One of the key processes needed for variable printing is data management. We have extensive experience in exporting, importing, transforming, scrubbing, and processing data. Our integrated solutions allow us to process large and small amounts of data directly into the file creation process. This allows us to provide digital images of every out-going document we produce.

Another key enabler of direct mail is postal optimization and camera & bar code verification. BFC has been mailing for over 40 years and has expertise in finding the right postal solution for your campaigns. There are lots of ways to leverage pre-sorted, NCOA, and CASS certification to guarantee delivery. Our in-line cameras and 2D barcodes ensure every piece in every mailing matches 100%. Once the job has been produced, our verified, in-house postal center ensures that mail gets delivered and into market as quickly as possible.

Direct Mail and VDP Equipment

• 2x Video Jet PrintMail Inkjet Image
• 3x Cheshire Tabber
• Pitney Bowes/MCS FTS High-Speed Inserter: Variable Match Sheet Feeder& Programmable Selective Insertion with Camera Verification
• Gunther EP 4000 Intelligent Insertion System: Variable Match Sheet Feeder& Programmable Selective Insertion with Camera Verification
• Bell Howell 10 Station: Variable Match Sheet Feeder & Programable Selective Insertion with Camera Verification
• Bell Howell 6 Station: Variable Match Sheet Feeder and Camera Verification
• 2x EMC 6 Pocket Inserter: Camera Verification

Direct Mail and VDP Capabilities

• Data import, export, transformation, and processing
• Marketing list procurement
• NCOA and CASS Certifications
• Postal Rate Optimization
• Intelligent and selective insertion
• In-line camera and bar code verification
• In-plant verification postal center

We Produce:

• Color or Black & White variable print
• Billing statements
• Invoices
• Contracts
• Identification Card
• Loyalty programs
• Legal letters
• Fulfillment Kits

Wide Format and Signage Printing

A growing segment in the printing industry is wide format printing and point-of-sales displays. The first phase of wide format and signage printing was focused on paper or flexible vinyl banners. They were typically items that you would see hanging at the local school or in front of a business. They were quick and easy to print on a roll based wide format printer.

As with other printing technology advancement, the wide format space has gone 100% digital and has expanded into different substrates and formats. The use of flat-bed printing technology has allowed printers to produce printer panels, posters, wraps, clings, stickers, and yard signs. The flat-bed technology enables the use of glass, wood, fabric, corrugated, foam, gator board and metallic substrates. The flat-bed technology now allows printing upto 48”” in width.

Wide Format Equipment

• Oce Arizona 1280 GT: 4’ x 8’ flatbed technology Near-photographic quality
• Epson SC-S80600: 1440 x 1400 dpi – 11.8” to 64” output
• Kongsberg X24 Edge with MultiCUT-HS: 66” x 140” output
• Graphtec FC8600-160 : 64” x 164’ output
• KeenCut Evolution E2 EV2260: 104” max cutting and 10mm thickness
• Graphic Finishing Partners 865DH Laminator – 65”


• Cororplast
• Styrene
• Corrugated
• Magnetic
• Vinyl
• Paper
• Static Clings
• Polyester
• Pressure sensitive
• Foam board
• Metallic
• Gator board


• 9 color technology including opaque white
• Metallic silver
• Grommets
• Sewn edges
• Die-cut
• Heat bend
• Screen print
• Laminated

We Produce:

• End Caps
• Shelf talkers
• Hanging signage
• Floor signs
• Yard signs
• Window clings
• Banners
• Trade show displays
• Static clings
• Stickers
• Point of sale display
• Point of purchase display

Full In-House Bindery and Mailing Services

An important part of print production and fulfillment is producing final products and delivering those products to the end customers. Traditionally, bindery services included fastening sheets of paper together to make a book. As the rest of the industry has changed to meet the customer’s creativity, so has bindery services.

Our full-in-house bindery and mailing solutions not only meet the traditional services, like perfect bound, saddle stitched, and spiral bound, but also newer capabilities. This includes folding and insertion service like buckle folders, combi folders, six pocket and cover stitch, in-line insertion, perfect binding, spiral and tap binding, and score and perf capabilities.

Another key service that BFC provides is full mailing services. This includes NCOA, CASS, and pre-sorted mail programs. We provide in-line 2D bar coding services to ensure 100% accuracy.

Bindery and Mail Service Capabilities
Cutting Equipment

• Polar 137ED Cutter – 54” x 54”
• Polar 115Em Cutter – 45” x 45”
• Polar 76EM Cutter – 30” x 30”

Folding Equipment

• Stahl B26 – 4 Gate Folder w/Doble Gate Unit 26” x 40”
• Stahl B26 – 6 Gate Folder w/6 Gate RA 26” x 40”
• Stahl B26 – 6 Gate RA w/Double Gate 26” x 40”
• MBOB120 – 4 Gate Pile Feed w/RA 20” x 26”
• MBO120 – 4 Gate Pile Feed 20 x 26”

Stitching & Bindery

• Heidelberg ST90 6 Pocket & Cover Stitcher 3.5” x 13.75”
• Horizon BQ – 160 Perfect Binder PUR 13.7” x 11.8” x 1.6”
• Automatic GBC Tape and Spiral Binding

Scoring and Perfing Equipment

• 3x Rollem TR36 Score/Perf Unit 35” x 35”
• Rollem 30” RA Double Shaft w/Skip Perf 29” x 29”
• Rollem 24” RA Single Shaft w/Skip Perf 24” x 24”
• Round Corner Cutter

We Produce

• Booklets
• Catalogs
• Educational materials
• Applications
• Guides
• Folders
• Brochures
• Inserts and buck slips

ID Card Coding and Printing

BFC can produce at scale your customized printed ID or membership cards for enrollment packages and on-boarding. We can produce multiple format cards including PVC and laminated cards to meet your product requirements. It can be a single or duel sided lamination, magnetic strip, QR Code and smart card encoding cards.

ID Card Equipment

• 2x Zebra ZXP Series 7 Pro ID Card Printers
• Fargo DTC1500 XE ID Card Printer
• Klug 14×22 EHD Foil Stamping, Embossing & Die-cutting press
• D&K Double Kote Jr. Lamination System

We Produce

• Membership Cards
• Policy Cards
• Enrolment Cards
• ID Cards
• Laminated Cards
• Paper & Plastic Cards
• Customer ID Badges
• Event Passes

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