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Print Management Solutions

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Basically, print management involves managing various printing tasks. Sophisticated management software enables users to coordinate the processes that occur between printers and machines.

The software covers a wide range of issues. One entails the use of programs and drivers in order to make printers more compatible with computers. Another relates to administration of networks in which multiple machines are standing by for print jobs. Yet another aspect involves making these programs user-friendly with icons and intuitive features to explain how print management works. Additionally, there might be features such as pricing for public systems. Or, the calibration of printing jobs according color, layout or size. As printers continually get more complex, the management software does an excellent job of making processes transparent to the users.

Without a doubt, printing remains a central function for many retailers. However, there is some flexibility when it comes to how each retail business performs their printing. Also, the approach you take will impact your costs and effectiveness. As a result, each of these variables affects return on investment, workflow and productivity.

Selecting a Print Management Solution that fulfills your company’s needs and work requirements is essential. Not just with respect to productivity but for your company’s bottom line. When you take a look at the numbers, considering your print management options makes a lot of sense. For example:

-Many companies do not keep track of their printing costs.

-Document costs can represent a significant percentage of revenue.

-IT departments can spend a lot of their time on print issues.

Print Management Solutions can manage all elements of your facility’s printing devices. For instance, all of your printers, copiers and scanners. Consult with the experts at BFC to learn more about our Print Management Solutions at 630-557-8060.

Affordable Print Management – BFC – 630-557-8060

Print Management Solutions are simply services from an external provider (BFC) that optimizes the document output of a business. The primary components are usually needs assessment and general or selective replacing of hardware. Also, there’s the service and parts necessary for operating the new and existing hardware. This includes current third-party equipment if the customer requires it. The provider also monitors the use of the printer, copier and other components along with the customer’s satisfaction

Assessing the printing needs of your business

Perhaps the IT department at your business is capable of assessing your printing needs. However, is that the optimal use of their valuable time? BFC provides relevant experience is the analysis of print fleets of various sizes. In addition, we possess expertise in the consolidation of printer fleets to ensure you’re implementing equipment at affordable pricing. This evaluation takes into account all components of your needs like printing, scanning and copying.

-Reduce or eliminate “local” printers

Among the first issues to assess is the need and usage of local printers. Typically, they tend to be inefficient and more expensive than many may realize. Local printers can only service a single user and are often not part of a network. Consequently, they’re not very efficient in many business settings. Also, they frequently call for unique cartridges that are expensive and can be a challenge for inventory.

-Streamlining printer placement

Placing your printers in accessible locations for an appropriate number of employees will help to improve usage and workflow. Convenient accessibility to this type of equipment is essential to the efficiency of your employees. Too frequently, employees waste time walking across an office for print materials. Smart placement of printers is a simple but effective way to optimize your staff’s time.

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-Replacement of obsolete devices

BFC’s Print Management Solutions can help you determine which of your machines are performing inefficiently and recommend better replacement devices. We are knowledgeable industry specialists that know which quality printer will suit your needs as well as your budget. We consider issues such as your printing needs history and your business objectives.

Automatic supply delivery

Why not do away with the need to order toner cartridges? Efficient Print Management Solutions can set you up with an automated re-ordering program. These helpful programs can track your printing devices and automate delivery of toner when your machines are running low. Keep your personnel productive by eliminating printer downtime due to lack of supplies.

Print management services allow businesses to consolidate their costs and vendors. That provides the capability for a more consistent monthly expense. By partnering with a Print Management Solutions provider, there’ll be no more sudden maintenance or unpredictable printer costs.

Train your staff on the latest technology

IT departments naturally prefer to keep their focus on their main responsibilities. Training personnel fixing their printer issues is probably not their priority. Often, those are kind of tasks that go the bottom of “to do” lists. BFC’s solutions can support in employee training and supply help desk assistance for printing issues.

Managing remote printing

Through mobile printing, your company’s personnel is able to complete printing tasks while off-site using any device. This could offer many enhancements for your daily business operations. For instance, an employee doesn’t need to come into the building to print a document they need. Also, other employees won’t need to spend their valuable time searching for the document to print it for them. If your facility supports a mobile printing environment, BFC can help form and maintain troubleshooting support.

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Print Management Solutions come in multiple forms and can customize to the current needs of your business. It is a comprehensive print solution that helps your IT staff focus on their priorities, limit print costs and boost productivity. Also, it generally improves the effectiveness of your printing environment. Print management programs even help lower the workload of an IT department. Consequently, that helps make them more efficient. Lastly, print management programs are a coordination that enhances the ability to manage printing more efficiently. Learn more about what BFC can do for your business today by contacting us at 630-557-8060.

BFC is Your Source for State-of-the-Art Digital Print Solutions

Here are just a few of the advantages to digital printing:

-Rapid response times. With digital printing, there is minimal time for setup. Also, color management is taken care of easily with a color registration system provides advanced color-matching capabilities.

-Custom printing jobs. Digital printing means you can tailor every piece of your print marketing materials. That capability enables you to target specific audiences. It wasn’t too long ago – back in the days of analog printing – when that wasn’t possible.

-More options in printing materials. Think of digital printing as a no contact activity. Basically, the paper you are printing upon doesn’t actually make contact with the print mechanism. Consequently, materials don’t need to remain in place quite as rigorously. Even very thin paper is able to withstand digital printing.

-More ink color options. One of the advantages to digital printing that some overlook is the many ink color choices it presents. Use standard colors or get creative to really craft a message that stands apart from the competition.

Consult with BFC for Print Management Solutions at 630-557-8060. We serve businesses of all sizes throughout the Chicagoland region.

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