Print Fulfillment Services

Print Fulfillment Services

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Fulfillment and Distribution Capabilities

  • -BFC can pick, pack and ship thousands of orders daily for your business.
  • -99.6 percent accuracy.
  • -Software and professional staff for your fulfillment needs.

BFC Fulfills and Distributes

  • -Thousands of orders via our online ordering system.
  • -Retail sales and marketing kits.
  • -Thousands of renewal and welcome kits each month.

A Look at the Fundamentals of Print Fulfillment Services

The outsourcing of your print fulfillment requirements must be with a dependable provider with expertise in the industry. At BFC, our Print Fulfillment Services that saves your business money, time and valuable space. Please read on for more helpful information about the various kinds of print fulfillment services we offer. We’ll start with a look at the basics of fulfillment. Print fulfillment generally refers to the printing, storage, collating, assembly, packaging and shipment of promotional materials. The primary benefit of outsourcing your print fulfillment to BFC is simply greater efficiency. Without a doubt, Print Fulfillment Services at our facility can benefit your business by:

  • -Saves your business time and expense on resources.
  • -Conserves physical space and cost. Square footage at your own location is not necessary for storage of promotional materials.
  • -Enables access to delivery cost discounts for print fulfillment providers doing a large volume.
  • -Avoids the need to purchase large equipment.
  • -Offers customization for your organization’s particular needs.

-Provides you with expertise and relevant resources to streamline the procedure. Consequently, assembly and product distribution proceeds faster and with less risk of errors.

Affordable for Your Business

Different Varieties of Print Fulfillment Services:

-Pick and Pack. Just like the term says, this involves picking materials from cartons and combining them with those from other cartons. The next step is to prepare the items for delivery. This service is optimal for orders that range in content and don’t require prepackaging in standard amounts. For instance, an order may call for 10 folders, 20 brochures and 25 pens. Another order may call for 25 folders, 25 inserts and 18 pens. With pick and pack, these orders fulfill with accuracy and ship on schedule.

-Assembly. This entails collating, combining and organizing print materials into a unit. As an example, assembly involves placing a brochure, notepad and a promotional pen into a folder for shipment.

-Case Picking. Pulling full cartons from warehouse shelving to prepare for shipment. This Print Fulfillment Service doesn’t involve opening up cartons and picking out specific materials from them.

-Kitting. The process of kitting is comparable to pick and pack. However, assembly of kits takes place beforehand with pre-selection of items and quantities. This is in contrast to pick and pack where order filling takes place on demand. After assembly, the kits go to storage until it’s time to fill orders. Each kit contains identical marketing.

-Variable Data Printing. In this form of print fulfillment services, the printed pieces are made custom for every recipient. For example, a promotional postcard will display each individual recipient’s name and address.

-Print on Demand. This enables you to print only what you want for specific orders. There’s no need to pre-purchase or keep large quantities of print and promo materials. In addition, print on demand allows for making changes to the materials as necessary.

BFC Print Fulfillment – 630-557-8060

-Drop Shipment. This is when a customer purchases something from you and your print fulfillment provider handles the whole delivery. They select the items from their facility, pack and ship it straight to the customer. It’s possible to do drop shipping “blind,” which means the customer does not know the identity of the fulfillment provider.

-Fulfillment and Warehousing. Perhaps there are extra items to add with your outgoing order that are not available at the fulfillment facility. For an additional cost it might be possible to store, fulfill and deliver the order.

Affordable Print Fulfillment Services for Your Chicagoland Business

BFC’s print fulfillment solutions can save your business money and conserve physical space at your location. No matter which print fulfillment services are right for you, BFC can accommodate your needs. At our Batavia facility, we can print, collect and distribute your printed materials. That leaves you and your staff with more time to focus on growing your business.

BFC provides a wide selection of print fulfillment services at a single location. We can efficiently manage your fulfillment needs throughout the whole process. You can trust BFC to give your print and promotional materials the close attention to detail it requires.

Print – Fulfillment – Technology for Chicagoland

Advantage of Using a Fulfillment Facility

Are you just beginning in the world of e-commerce? Perhaps you are fulfilling orders out of your residence or garage for starters. So long as the orders are relatively minimal, you may be able to manage fulfillment services. However, it’s naturally your goal to expand your enterprise. So why not think positive and consider professional fulfillment centers like BFC to help you grow? When calculating if you actually require a fulfillment provider, look at your fulfillment cost-per-orders. As a helpful tip, it typically entails the following expenses:

-Storage space.

-Shipping costs.

-Labor costs.

-Packing materials.

After you can get an idea of these costs, you’ll be ready to call BFC. During our initial consultation together, we’ll get to know your business and your figures. We keep our fulfillment service pricing affordable for all of our customers regardless of their size.

Some of the benefits of our reliable order fulfillment services include:

-Lower fulfillment costs.


-eCommerce integration.

Let us help you focus on your strengths. After all, no one can be experts at everything. With BFC as your Print Fulfillment Services provider, we take care of the whole process for you. That results in a significant time savings for you and your business. This is perhaps the greatest benefit regardless of your company’s size and scope.

At BFC, our expertise in print fulfillment is the result of our many years in the industry. When you partner with us, you’ll have access to our expertise that can help your business grow. Without a doubt, our team knows the best and most cost-effective way to store and ship print materials.

Schedule a Consultation with BFC for your Fulfillment Needs

In you run your own warehouse, it entails hiring employees to operate it. That means going through the lengthy recruitment procedure of interviewing, checking references and training. Additionally, running a warehouse requires purchasing necessary equipment, which can get very expensive.

A good fulfillment provider like BFC features all the best practices and equipment for accuracy in order

processing. We have efficient inventory control systems, efficient pick pack methods and optimized receiving and return practices.

A truly effective print fulfillment service is able to improve and sustain high accuracy rates. In addition, in the rare event of an error we’ll make it right without delay. An efficient order management and inventory control system will enable you to consult an ordering history. Also, it enables you to look at SKUs as well.

Ready to start saving your business money? Discover how affordable our professional fulfillment pricing can be for your needs. Contact BFC today to schedule a consultation with us at 630-557-8060.

BFC Print Fulfillment Services

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