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We provide order fulfillment service across our entire products.

The focus in on delivering the right solutions that meets our clients needs. This can include print production, product sourcing, warehouse management, third party logistics, and pick and pack solutions.

If you are looking for a simple solution or a turn-key partner, BFC is the company that can deliver. Our pick and pack solutions offer best-in-class capabilities and service. Our goal is to ship your orders accurately and on-time. Utilizing our intergraded solutions, we can go directly from an ecommerce order then to our pick and pack team and out for delivery.

We can handle simple order fulfillment like picking multiple stock items, consolidating them to one shipment and schedule UPS to pick up and deliver the shipment. Another key area of our pick and pack solutions is the integration with our production department. Ordering a stock item can easily be combined with a production order being printed just in time. This allows us to reduce our turn-around time and your shipping cost.

At BFC we understand the short and long term impacts of utilizing a third party for your pick and pack needs.

Picking mistakes are costly and returns are hard to handle and double your shipping cost. BFC has a 99.9% order accuracy rate and reduced shipping fees. We offer multiple pick and pack service like:

Piece Picking – This is the most straightforward picking method and is great for small to medium size orders. This can include stock and quick turn production items like business cards, personalized flyer, and brochures. This is utilized for most of The Helm orders from our system.

Batch Picking – Some projects require a much more efficiency way of fulfilling orders. With batch picking we are pulling multiple orders of the same item and stagging them for packaging. This allows the warehouse to pull hundreds of items at a time and then utilize packing resources to complete the order.

At BFC we utilize both piece and batch picking to meet our clients needs. This allows us to leverage the most efficient methods to deliver the highest satisfaction for each order type. BFC will go above and beyond to ensure your orders are picked correctly, packaged efficiently and ship economically.

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