Pick and Pack Fulfillment

Pick and Pack Fulfillment

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Logistics companies typically have a supply-chain management. This enables services and products to circulate from the supplier to customers. This, basically, is a supply chain.

Pick and pack serves as component of the wider supply chain framework. It’s one part of the process that helps the whole entity move efficiently. This type of fulfilling orders is popular with eCommerce or online brands with customers worldwide.

When it comes to pick and packing logistics, the warehouse staff at the eCommerce firm typically works from master boxes. There are usually many of them on the shelves of the warehouses. The workers will select the relevant pieces from each box. This is the “pick” step of pick and pack. Next, the workers take the pieces and place them in packaging for shipment to the customer. This is where the “packing” comes into play.

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Just like the phrase indicates, picking is the initial stage of the process. It is worth mentioning that the staff who conduct pick and pack typically do not work on their own. Instead, they’ll frequently utilize a warehouse management system. This is a type of software that many distribution facilities and logistics centers use. From directing tasks to checking resources and planning shipments, a warehouse management system is essential.

In the initial step of pick and pack, the system directs an order to the warehouse, where workers receive that order. With the latest warehouse management systems, efficiency is a priority. For example, the orders should not overlap by mistake. Innovative fulfillment centers are always seeking ways to maximize their efficiency. Even reducing the number of footsteps workers take to access boxes can save time and boost productivity.

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After receiving an order, the worker goes to the carton to access the item they need to fill the order.


Next, let’s move on to the packing part of the process. When a customer orders just one or a few items, it’s certainly easy enough to prepare. However, it’s important to group larger orders together and organize them in one location. This helps assure that nothing goes missing and causes errors or delays.

Preparing packing materials may involve pallets, boxes, cartons, envelopes or other containers. Also, they may include marketing materials depending on the products. Along with the items themselves, the customer’s receipt should also be put in the package.

Another element that plays a role in picking and packing is dunnage. For example, dunnage may be in the form of packing peanuts or foam. The purpose of dunnage is to prevent breakage and keep items from shifting during transport.

After packing the items, receipt, promotional materials and dunnage, it’s time to print and apply shipping labels. Lastly, the boxes must go through quality assurance to look for any signs of damage. Accuracy of shipping labels also goes through verification.


Now it’s time for the packages to depart the warehouse and go into the possession of a delivery company. Some logistics facilities handle delivery themselves, which means there’s no involving a third party. Once packages ship out the company will often distribute notification by email. The email notification usually includes a tracking number for convenience. This permits the recipient to track progress of their deliver as it gets nearer.

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That is a summary of the pick and pack fulfillment process. It’s always a possibility that some logistics facilities alter some aspects of it. If changes make the pick and pack process more efficient for your business, then do not hesitate to apply them.

Challenges, Benefits to Pick and Pack Fulfillment

Pick and pack fulfillment functions efficiently when there is coordination and close attention to the details. Streamlining the picking process via warehouses to fill orders rapidly is among the main challenges for fulfillment centers. A good way to optimize efficiency of worker movement is through utilizing strategy for order volume and warehouse size.

Pick and Pack Strategy

To tackle the typical challenges of pick and pack, fulfillment must utilize one of the reliable strategies for order picking. They are piece, zone, batch and wave picking.

-Piece Picking. Many businesses start with this strategy because it is a direct method. Workers simply pick one order at a time as they come in. Workers receive an order at a warehouse and fill it by retrieving items off shelves. However, this type of picking strategy is generally most suitable for smaller warehouses.

-Zone Picking. This entails dividing the warehouse facility into different zones. The order pickers select items from their zones specifically. Then, they pass the boxes from one zone to the next zone if the order requires multiple items. The boxes can pass among zones either by hand or on a conveyor system. Zone picking is frequently efficient than piece or batch picking.

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Batch Picking – Warehouses with high traffic volume can benefit from this picking strategy. Comparable to piece picking, batch picking entails selecting items for single orders. However, workers who do batch picking can fulfill more than single orders at a time.

-Wave Picking. Wave picking is a blend of zone and batch picking. Pickers practicing this strategy are usually in zones. They pick incoming orders in batches and only within the appropriate zones.

Another challenge of pick and pack fulfillment is the expectation of customers. Customers these days do a lot of shopping online, which means they rely on items being in stock. Consequently, they typically expect shipment with one or two days. Also, they expect shipment to be on schedule and the contents to be correct.

They also expect a wide variety of options and the ability to place orders with their mobile devices. Customers, naturally, want a positive buying experience. Fulfillment centers must streamline their operations to satisfy and surpass their customers’ expectations.

A fulfillment center’s pick and pack solutions makes it convenient for businesses to provide products from online sources to customers. Customers like choosing from a variety of items. As a result, businesses can often sell more products simply because they offer more variety.

When done effectively, pick and pack is a fulfillment practice that can improve customer satisfaction. Efficient pickers and packers complete orders with accuracy, filling boxes with quality items for shipment on schedule.

Companies that employ good pick and pack staff also strengthen customer satisfaction by ensuring careful handling of items. In addition, correct packaging and accurate labeling is essential too. Also, an experienced pick and pack team can manage changes in order volumes with professionalism.

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Another reason organizations depend on pick and pack fulfillment is due to its cost-effectiveness. By design, pick and pack fulfillment can apply to orders of practically any size. Pick and pack frequently eliminates the need to gather items from different facilities to send them elsewhere for packaging and labeling. The very nature of pick and pack fulfillment makes it a consistently more efficient practice. Consequently, it helps to keep costs down.

Pick and pack is a standard practice in the realm of e-commerce fulfillment. A pick and pack team is essential for fulfilling orders and satisfying customer expectations. Organizations must work to streamline their operations to ensure their pick and pack fulfillment proceeds efficiently and accurately.

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