Outsourced Logistics and Fulfillment

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Fulfillment is an important part of running any type of retail/eCommerce business.

It’s critical for a company to meet ever changing customer expectations and on-going complexity. As organizations grow, they should consider finding a strong partner to help with fulfillment, pick & pack, warehousing, and shipping. This allows you to focus on your core business and leverage an outsourced supply chain partner to bring value to the process.

These are the typical services that are provided by an outsourced fulfillment partner:

• Warehousing: Managing and storing inventory is an important task of a successful logistics partner. The partner should be able to handle stock, on-demand, and cross docked items seamlessly into your customer experience.

• Pick and Pack: Order details will drive the picking of the individual items and packing them all into consolidated containers to reduce shipping cost, provide a packing list, and integrate shipping and tracking labels.

• Shipping: Leverage industry best practices when shipping your products to customers. This may include USPS, UPS, FedEx, and LTL options depending on your product and customer expectations.

• Returns Processing: It is critical to have a partner that can facilitate a customer return process to proactively manage re-stocking and to update available inventory.

Inventory management can be difficult to manage when you are limited on storage space or have large fluctuations in orders.

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This can drive limited space and inventory availability that impacts your ability to keep up with customer demand. By utilizing an outsourced partner, they can utilize their entire warehouse to handle large influxes of inventory. They can also scale down quickly during slower sales cycles and reduce your warehousing costs.

Outsourced Logistics partners will also be able to track item inventory levels and proactively manage re-orders and stock retirement. Warehouse management systems track the input and outputs of inventory in real-time and can trigger key notifications. This process allows you to only focus on items that need your attention and not your entire inventory.

Another advantage is no longer fulfilling the products yourself. Once there is an understanding of your product specifics, the partner will be able to reduce waste in the packing of items. There is no longer a need to find which box will fit all the items on an order, to decide whether it should include a packing slip, or to figure out which is the best rate for shipping. Standard process and unlimited space allows a partner to reduce the hassles of product fulfillment and reduce hidden packaging and shipping costs.

These items are critical for your success and for growing your business. BFC are experts in outsourced fulfillment and can leverage their experience to provide best-in-class solutions.

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