Enhance your marketing collateral management with myResource, so you can provide your team with the material they need at the click of a button.

The result? No more redundant workflows, no more wasted collateral — and no more delays introducing new campaigns to market.

Streamlined. Secure. Simplified

MyResource provides a powerful portal that makes it easy to access, control, personalize and deliver all of your marketing and sales needs. And when you work with BFC, you’re supported by our team of experts, who are here to help and serve as a resource to you and your team.


Eliminate work flow redundancies
Maximize access and collaboration of marketing and sales teams
Reduce time to introduce new campaigns to market
Monitor marketing engagement with comprehensive reporting tools
Increase sales with increased marketing engagement
Stop wasting marketing collateral


Easily manage user access and profiles in one central location
Enforce branding while allowing for personalization
Grant easy access and ordering for all users
Integrate with existing corporate intranets and portals
Upload images, photos, logo and data files to support an entire marketing program
Print on demand


Marketing collateral programs
Stationery programs
Direct mail
Email marketing
Ad builder tools
Asset library
Promotional items