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Marketing Fulfillment Chicago

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BFC’s Marketing Fulfillment Chicago Portal

As your company expands, it can become increasingly difficult to exert effective control over your brand. You simply cannot review and grant approval to each piece of user generated content with a franchise business model or distributive sales organization. In today’s challenging world of digital marketing it’s only becoming more difficult to consistently monitor. BFC’s Marketing Fulfillment Chicago experts can help to execute content distribution strategies for your company.

A single source for all varieties of marketing collateral

Our Marketing Fulfilment Chicago Portal can serve as your central online repository for all your brand assets utilized in the creation of distributed marketing content. This can encompass branding assets and guidelines, direct mailers, approved logos, predefined marketing content, sales collateral, email marketing, promotional materials and more.

By providing an end-user Marketing Fulfillment Chicago portal, you can conveniently streamline your marketing campaigns, which saves your organization time and money. Users spend a lot of their time searching for the items they want. With every item at their fingertips 24/7, they’re a lot easier to find when everything is in one place.

Our MyResource portal allows your Marketing Fulfillment Chicago team to stay on top of their marketing needs all day, every day. After all, your brand is essential to your success. Having ready access to logos, social media content, email marketing and sales collateral during non-business hours is critical. Allowing for single-sign-on integration makes the process even simpler.

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Enabling your brand, while allowing some creativity is important

MyResource portal utilizes multiple solutions to allow business to continue while also maintaining your brand’s identity. Using professionally designed templates, whether from your own designers or ours, enables users to easily create business cards, flyers, sales collateral, email marketing campaigns, direct mail and social media posts. These templates control your brand’s logos, images, fonts and colors to eliminate the rouge stretched logo or wrong-approved colors.

Another capability of our Marketing Collateral Portal is the use of user profiles. By creating detailed user profiles, we can automatically create customized templates using information found in the profile itself. This can include contact information, headshots, brands, divisional or regional information customized to the templates. This allows your users to generate personalized content with a single click of a button. However, there are situations when you need to empower your team for a little more personalization. Using the user profile permissions, you can define areas of content that can be customized even further. The template will only allow a user to change approved content at the corporate level.

Fully Integrated eStore with Marketing Fulfillment Chicago

MyResource portal has a common process across all marketing content to decrease user confusion and reduce time to market. The web-based portal leverages a simple UX interface to reduce the clicks from design to production. All items use the same catalog structure to make it easy to classify and find your items.

By using the same structure, you can find your items quickly, customize if needed, review a final proof, and output your content. The portal allows you to download content directly to the user or send directly to all our fulfillment services options.

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If you download a new social media post or a brochure to take to a meeting, you can have confidence knowing that it will match the same brand guidelines that have been approved. Having fully integrated fulfillment solutions permits BFC’s team to control all outputs, no matter the format or marketing channel.

The Marketing Fulfillment Chicago Portal also allows users to order pre-approved stocked items from BFC’s pick and pack division. This allows your organization to reduce production costs by sourcing larger quantities and then drop-shipping smaller orders as necessary.

Deliver and share everywhere

BFC is a full service digital and print communications company with innovated systems to enable your Marketing Fulfillment Chicago strategy. MyResource is directly integrated into our print production equipment to offer turn-key solutions. From web-to-print or design-to-print, our variety of equipment can handle all of your needs.

Our investment into the Oce VarioPrint i300K inkjet press features one-to-one personalization jobs of any size. The inkjet print quality allows for perfect digital variable color output. This is ideal for materials such as business cards, co-brand sales brochures, direct mail, over-sized postcards, personalized mailings and ID cards.

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Wide format is another supported output from our Batavia production facility. Our equipment is ideal for large banners, point of sales displays, signage, static clings and year signs. We can produce high-quality images and crisp text on a variety of substrates.

It’s also possible to deliver all the products or campaigns via digital download. Using the same technology that drives our print production equipment, we can produce the same high-quality output in a digital format. This gives your team flexibility between waiting on professionally printed market content and simply downloading and posting that content in a digital format.

Marketing Fulfillment and Collateral Management – A Look at Best Practices

Your company is consistently developing a wealth of marketing collateral: content and electronic resources that will be utilized in countless ways to deliver your brand’s message and connect with new consumers every single day. To help make the most out of the vital collection of content and other materials, utilize marketing collateral management software for your business.

Listed here are a few fundamental steps to properly manage your marketing collateral so that you can capitalize on your digital assets to meet and surpass your business ambitions.

-Taking Inventory

Whether your business already has a marketing collateral management strategy set up or you’re approaching this process for the very first time, the best way to get started is to take a comprehensive inventory of all your existing marketing collateral to get a good idea of what you’re handling. Once you’ve fully audited all of your content such as photos, video, marketing graphics, email templates, logos or other formats, start dividing it into categories. Decide on what content can be repurposed, what should be updated and what can be retired. Set up a process and timetable for updating content that needs it, store away what will no longer be used and properly tag everything that’s presently in circulation.

-Review Marketing Collateral – Marketing Fulfillment

While taking stock of your company’s marketing collateral management capabilities, you might discover numerous versions of the same files existing in various folders and servers. These duplicates typically cause uncertainty and result in inconsistent materials getting used – which can wind up harming your brand’s status. Eradicate redundant content by managing different versions in marketing collateral management software. This should help you substantially reduce the chance of materials being utilized incorrectly or outdated versions of content getting distributed accidentally. Multiple version management and organization is an important part of developing and retaining a consistent brand image.

Marketing Fulfillment Chicago – Make Your Company’s Materials Accessible

We can all understand the frustration of looking endlessly for a certain file only to then have to start over from scratch and create a new one. Ensure all of your essential Marketing Fulfillment Chicago collateral is easy to access through efficient search functions. Keep in mind from which devices these vital assets can be accessed.

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