Marketing Collateral Management – A Look at Best Practices

Your company is consistently developing a wealth of marketing collateral: content and electronic resources that will be utilized in countless ways to deliver your brand’s message and connect with new consumers every single day. To help make the most out of the vital collection of content and other materials, utilize Marketing Collateral Management software for your business.

Marketing Collateral Management

Marketing Collateral Management

Listed here are a few fundamental steps to properly manage your marketing collateral so that you can capitalize on your digital assets to meet and surpass your business ambitions.

* Taking Inventory

Whether your business already has a Marketing Collateral Management strategy set up or you’re approaching this process for the very first time, the best way to get started is to take a comprehensive inventory of all your existing marketing collateral to get a good idea of what you’re handling. Once you’ve fully audited all of your content such as photos, video, marketing graphics, email templates, logos or other formats, begin dividing it into categories. Decide on what content can be repurposed, what should be updated and what can be retired. Set up a process and timetable for updating content that needs it, store away what will no longer be used and properly tag everything that’s presently in circulation.

* Review Marketing Collateral

While taking stock of your company’s Marketing Collateral Management capabilties, you might discover numerous versions of the same files existing in various folders and servers. These duplicates typically cause uncertainty and result in inconsistent materials getting used – which can wind up harming your brand’s status. Eradicate redundant content by managing different versions in marketing collateral management software. This should help you substantially reduce the chance of materials being utilized incorrectly or outdated versions of content getting distributed accidentally. Multiple version management and organization is an important part of developing and retaining a consistent brand image.

Make Your Company’s Materials Accessible

We can all understand the frustration of looking endlessly for a certain file only to then have to start over from scratch and create a new one. Ensure all of your essential marketing collateral is easy to access through efficient search functions. Keep in mind from which devices these vital assets can be accessed. Marketing teams are increasingly functioning from remote locations – and that means they need convenient access to marketing collateral 24/7 from any type of smart device. Be sure that your system is mobile-friendly and powerful enough to allow users to do business on the go, anytime, anyplace with reliable Marketing Collateral Management.

* Manage Access

Naturally, it’s worth noting that the notion of access is a two-sided matter. On one side, you need your teams to be able to identify and pull the types of materials they want. Alternatively, protection and privacy may become a concern if accessibility is entirely open. Set up definite permissions and guidelines for different users to make sure that individuals are only able to access what they really need and nothing more. This is particularly important with the growing globalization of marketing – there’s no benefit in a marketing team in South Korea presenting marketing collateral that’s designed for South American consumers, for example.

* Adjust Your Marketing Collateral Management Assets

Last but not least, get the maximum benefit from your marketing assets by reusing them across various media types for a variety of scenarios. As an example, it’s very helpful to download images in whatever format you need, removing the need to convert files. Given that social media these days plays such an important role in marketing, be sure that your marketing collateral management software can conveniently expedite social sharing for all of your pertinent channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and others. At times it’s simply not possible to have your laptop open and ready to start a PowerPoint presentation. The most effective marketing collateral management software enables you to offer your materials directly from your smartphone. With the appropriate Marketing Collateral Management platform, your business will maximize your content to provide key brand messages and never miss an opportunity to help make your brand sparkle!

A typical business may not have an integrated process in place for the management of the many steps required for dynamic marketing collateral development. At BFC, our team is here to help by providing solutions that generate marketing efficiency through efficient Marketing Collateral Management of resources and templates.

Essential to just about every brand is its own unique brand guidelines, often produced at no small expense by the marketing department with the objective of managing brand consistency, which supports and increases client recall. But it can be difficult to sustain and update that consistency. When marketing and sales communications are created individually, guidelines are easier to get around. But when they’re automated, brand guidelines for marketing communications can be strengthened – and that returns control to the brand. BFC offers innovative services that helps to draw it all together. Here are some particular ways our expertise in marketing collateral management can help:

  • * Reduces the need for repetitive work by centralizing content into adaptable templates.
  • * Leverages investment in marketing collateral and workflows by generating templated documents.
  • * Streamline brand marketing processes with support to dealer and channel marketing with permitted collateral. Makes Marketing Collateral Management accessible to partners.
  • * Create localized collateral for each market.

Marketing Collateral Management Capabilities:

  • * Develop templates.
  • * Output that is brand consistent.
  • * Delivery and fulfillment to a client destination.
  • * Localizing and translation, global delivery.

Provide your marketing team the customized Marketing Collateral Management materials they’ll need while keeping in compliance with your brand!

A Refresher On Basic Types Of Marketing Collateral

Marketing collateral is basically a variety of media, content material and information that is put together in support of marketing and sales activities. The following list offers a quick look at a few common varieties of marketing collateral:

* Brochures.

From printed materials like folded brochures, catalogues and guides to promotional flyers, this form of marketing material remains among the most effective.

* Business Demonstrations.

Visual aids – such as PowerPoint – for use in sales presentations. Includes slides, pictures and video.

* Internet Content.

Content that enables visitors to do their own research into your services and products. Sales collateral is targeted toward potential customers who are near to a purchase decision and sometimes provides more information and specifics than other marketing content.

* Sales Scripts.

A collection of presentation outlines or sales pitches which have been successful or that are developed by top sellers on your sales staff.

* Demo Scripts

Scripts for showing a customer your products. Especially important for complicated products and services such as software.

* Product Data Sheets.

A product data sheet offers commonly requested product information and facts in an easy to understand layout like a table. In some instances, customers will evaluate products on data points and will rule out products that are hard to analyze.

* Product White Papers.

These are detailed accounts that cover a complicated subject matter in your particular industry. As the title suggests, product white papers have a tendency to be packed with informative text instead of sleek marketing and advertising illustrations or photos. In most cases, product white papers focus on a problem that’s addressed by your products and solutions.

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