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 Literature Fulfillment

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Also called print fulfillment, literature fulfillment entails the storing, packing and delivery of print materials. This may include materials like postcards, catalogs, flyers and sales packets or the delivery of orders for manuals and books.

With proper execution, literature fulfillment is beneficial for any business that wants to appeal to new or current clients. However, it can be quite time-consuming and often doesn’t take priority among businesses. To that end, that is why shipping companies are ideal for the outsourcing of literature fulfillment. Whether your business will need literature fulfillment on a recurring basis or just once, outsourcing the task is well worth consideration.​

Save Time with BFC – Literature Fulfillment

Getting literature ready for distribution is frequently a time-consuming endeavor for practically any type of business. Whether it’s placing notices into envelopes or preparing flyers, doing literature fulfillment frequently means pulling employees away their core responsibilities.

When you choose BFC for your literature fulfillment, you’re business will benefit from our expertise and our custom facilities. Our state-of-the-art fulfillment facility enables for processing, efficient packaging and material distribution by a dedicated team. Without a doubt, this enables BFC to carry out literature fulfillment very efficiently. Meanwhile, with us handling your Literature Fulfillment your own personnel is free to focus on their essential tasks.​

Saves Valuable Space

Containers of print materials can be very heavy, difficult to move and take up a lot of space. A small business can experience difficulty finding enough space to store multiple boxes of print materials.

After all, most small businesses do not have a large warehouse to utilize at their convenience.

By outsourcing your ongoing literature fulfillment, your print materials remain off-site. This not only solves your current space concerns, but opens up the possibility of expanding your inventory.

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Saves Money

It is understandable to view performing tasks in-house as not as expensive as outsourcing. However, this is often not the case. In addition to the high upfront cost of establishing a process for literature fulfillment, there are also expenses that come from diverting staff from their workflow. Plus, there are maintenance and liability issues to consider. With BFC as your literature fulfillment source, you’ll benefit from our infrastructure and expertise without the need to pay for implementing your own.

By partnering with BFC for your literature fulfillment needs, you’ll benefits from cost-effective ways of delivering materials to your customers. There’s no need to redirect your employees from other tasks important to your business or scramble for extra space. BFC provides experience in all types of shipment and literature fulfillment. Talk to our staff about how our literature fulfillment solutions offer significant benefits with respect to time, cost and space. For more information, contact BFC today at 630-879-9240.

Pick and pack services are also referred to as product assembly. This is basically involves collecting and bundling items together into a single product for customers to receive. It’s a basic but critical aspect of warehouse services and prompt delivery. Inefficient pick and pack practices can impede the entire workflow while increasing the chance of errors. Fortunately, BFC takes careful steps to ensure proper and accurate kitting.

Electronic Tracking of Inventory

One of the advantages of kitting is it enables greater flexibility in the design of product bundles. One of the drawbacks of kitting in-house is that certain items are not always at a consistent inventory level. There may be high levels of one material yet much lower amounts of another.

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Warehousing software enables our staff to track inventory levels accurately. This leading-edge software is particularly important in situations where bulk orders occur frequently. The importance of accurate inventory monitoring and overview significantly increases during periods of high demand. For example, during special sales or during the holiday season.

BFC specializes in effective direct mail marketing as well as warehouse fulfillment. From our state-of-the-art facilities in Batavia, IL, we store, sort and deliver a variety of products for our diverse clients.

Tips for Improving Your Marketing Fulfillment E-Mails

Certainly, marketing is challenging enough, regardless of the medium. But with the rise of the internet, there are continually new strategies for marketing available. When it comes, for instance, product fulfillment, one possible option is the practice of e-mail marketing. It is relatively inexpensive and remains effective for business-to-consumer as well as and business-to-business marketing. Here are some useful suggestions to make your e-mail marketing a reliable client strategy:

-Use text and images together. If you plan to utilize marketing e-mails, it’s wise to use both images and text. Each element has its own basic guidelines. For example, limit your copy to two paragraphs with no more than eight sentences in all. For images, only use one or two.

-Utilize embedded links in the images. Remember to embed links within your e-mail marketing images to help propel clients to your company’s site. By doing this, clients can click from the messages to your site. Indeed, this is effective, tried-and-true SEO practice.

-Only use a few links. Don’t clutter your e-mail direct marketing advertisements with too many links. Just a couple links are typically adequate for most e-mail.

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-Use correct structure. The design of advertisements must adhere to a particular structure. When it comes to e-mail marketing, this means featuring a headline with a noticeable call to action. Also, sentences and paragraphs with the correct format.

-Accurate scheduling. A lot of business send daily e-mail messages but don’t get much customer reaction. This is usually because of ineffective scheduling. Optimize e-mails by sending them out in the early morning and on a consistent basis.

Need reliable solutions to your company’s product fulfillment challenges? BFC provides the expertise and affordable solutions to make your product fulfillment and direct mail ventures more effective. Contact our team today to schedule a consultation.

Benefits of Digital Printing

There are a few misconceptions about printing services for modern businesses, especially digital printing or demand printing solutions. However, digital printing is an effective, multifaceted practice with multiple benefits.

Basics of Digital Printing

Digital printing is essentially the transfer of digital content to paper. Unlike more conventional commercial printing methods, digital printing doesn’t rely on techniques like a manual type setting.

Computer interfaces can control these methods. With digital printing, you utilize high-quality ink units that result in quality resolutions. You can select from a wide array of print options, which includes paper stock, binding, sizing and formatting.

No Need for a Printing Plate

Another beneficial aspect of digital printing is it doesn’t involve plate creation print techniques. Rather, a digital printing press simply takes images and text from your files. Then, it transfers those elements to paper stock. This conserves a great deal of time and lowers efficiency problems such as machine malfunctions. In addition, it significantly reduces costs.

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-Digital printing is ideal for short-run printing. Saving costs and time is critical for running any type of business. It’s important to utilize the most leading-edge printing practices to remain efficient, regardless of the size of your printing order. Digital printing enables you to accomplish short-run printing of manuals and larger orders for a lower cost. Consequently, you’ll get the smaller tasks done fast and produce bigger quantities of your products for customers in a timely fashion. Call us today!

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