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BFC focused efforts into areas: Kitting and Pick & Pack fulfillment.

Kitting is one of the fastest growing areas at BFC. We have had great success in providing fulfillment for multiple kits in many industries.

Enrollment communications and policy fulfillment are unique welcome kits that require different production options. Some organizations provide simple ID cards or policy cards to confirm enrollment. Think of the yearly benefits cards you received at the start of the year. Other programs include ID cards that are scanned or read to allow access to the organizations. We can produce static and dynamic ID cards as part of the enrollment process.

Another kitting fulfillment capability is building customer Point of Sale (POS) displays for the DIY home improvement industry. This could be a simple assembly display and loading of sales items. It might also be creating unique displays that require high-quality craftsmanship to cut, sand, drill and build one-off fixtures.

DIY home improvement industry also requires a lot of product samples

The same DIY home improvement industry also requires a lot of product samples. These samples can include different colors and finishes of these products. The sample kits include unique items that can be provided to customers at POS displays within the location.

Display ready products are vital to the DIY home improvement industry. BFC can assemble kits that are aisle ready and easy to set up. The kit is packaged with easy installment in mind, with everything needed inside. Simply cut a few strips of tape, remove the outer box, and the client is ready to roll.

We created an on-boarding kit for on-going professional education programs that require 100% accuracy across the board. The kit includes the training materials, registration, and graduation certificates. Each item must be verified with each other to ensure they are all for the right person.

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