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Kitting is a term common in the order fulfillment industry. Generally, it relates to the assembly of individual pieces that pack into kits for delivery. In most instances, fully complete kits go into storage for delivery at a later date. Also, kits usually have their own SKU numbers which serve to identify the complete kit from its individual pieces. The SKU numbers enable counting of the kits for inventory and monitoring them as a single unit.

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Which Items are Ideal for Kitting?

Frequently, businesses utilize kitting for materials like promotional materials, product samples, welcome kits or instructional packets. In addition, materials such as media kits, franchise supplies and new product introductions benefit from kitting. Without a doubt, kitting is effective for most any varierty of promotional items.

Kitting Saves Time and Money

In preparing kits for distribution, it usually becomes cost-effective to assemble them in batch amounts. By doing so, it saves a lot of time rather than picking and packing each individual piece as orders arrive. The more kits that go through assembly at one time, the less time it takes to assemble each specific kit. This is generally because the large scale assembly of kits is a straightforward procedure with minimal delays.

When kitting takes place in bulk, each separate piece is close enough together to streamline the assembly steps. This is in contrast to locating and retrieving the pieces to prepare individually as orders come in. Also, it much faster and more efficient to prepare kits that are pre-assembled for shipment.

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What is a SKU?

SKU simply stands for “stock keeping unit.” It’s a number that retail locations assign to specific products in order to identify the price. It also identifies the manufacturer of the product as well as other options. A SKU is useful for monitoring inventory at retailer locations.

Typically, retailers apply coding practices to accurately track their product inventories and sales. Using SKU numbers also helps retailers track when locations are due to order products. Without a doubt, SKU numbers are an essential factor in determining which products retailers put on shelves.

SKU numbers are ideal for accessing a certain point of sale or accounting system. They’re a numerical series for tracking particular information that relates to a product. Generally speaking, SKUs divide into categories or classifications. Many retailers use SKU for classifying products into a category for later assessment. Another advantage of SKU numbers is from an advertising standpoint. With the very competitive nature of today’s retail marketplace, a SKU helps protect a retailer’s sales margins.

Some Examples

Consider a pet food manufacturer that leases a warehouse fulfillment location for help with a new promotion. The first 100 consumers who reply through an online form are to receive a free sampler of the product. Each can of food the manufacturer distributes will have an accompanying flier about proper pet care. Also, it will include a catalog of the manufacturer’s other products along with some coupons. This kind of promotional effort is a good candidate for Kitting since each kit contains the same items.

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Prior to launching their product, the pet food manufacturer must ship the correct amount of product to their warehousing locale. The print materials must arrive at the fulfillment location according to schedule so filling of the orders can proceed. The pet food manufacturer could provide the materials. Or, the fulfillment facility could plan to print the materials locally to save time and shipping costs.

Because contents of each kit are the same, the fulfillment facility can typically begin assembling kits after they obtain materials. The fulfillment staff can pack a can of pet food, coupons and additional materials into every kit set for shipment. Next, they seal the boxes and put them in storage until it’s time for the official product launch. When the launch begins and orders for pet food start arriving, the fulfillment staff is able to access the kits. They will be able to apply the correct shipping labels and send them off to new customers. This results in an efficient distribution process.

Whether you’re distributing products or promotional materials, let BFC demonstrate how our Kitting and fulfillment services are so effective. In addition, we’re also a leading provider of cost-effective warehousing. Why not team up with BFC? We can work together to streamline your order fulfillment practices.

Advantages By BFC

Kitting usually starts by identifying the individual pieces that are to go in every kit. At BFC, our staff brings years of experienced to our Kitting projects. We can provide helpful input on how to pack your kits in the most effective way. A few of the main advantages to our Kitting services includes:

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Boost Productivity, Decrease Labor Costs

With BFC’s Kitting services on board for your next project, you’ll move the manufacturing component out of your facility. Pre-assembled kits are advantageous because they cut down on time and cost of labor. This occurs through ensuring the necessary components are accessible. When components are not kitted correctly, it takes valuable time for assemblers to search inventory and pull the right parts.

With kitting services, you are simply beginning the manufacturing procedure outside your facility. Pre-sorted kits conserve time and labor by assuring components are accessible at point of use. When components aren’t kitted, it costs time for assemblers to search through inventory.

Free Up Valuable Space

By moving Kitting services to our Batavia facility, customers are able to utilize more room at their own locations. Why occupy valuable space at your location by storing packaging and materials? Growing businesses need to aim for increasing production. Adequate space is a critical element for any successful enterprise.

By locating your component inventory and kitting services to our facility you’ll able to dedicate more room to production. After all, why use valuable manufacturing space for storing packaging and print materials? If you are expanding and need to grow production, moving materials off property provides space you’ll need.

Lower Inventory and Better Cash Flow

Kitting services can frequently combine with vendor management inventory solutions. This is basically where your third party logistics obtains and stores materials and ships them as necessary. Suppliers assure that adequate stocks remain available to support production.

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Why BFC?

BFC is a leading source of Kitting, variable data, offset printing and pick and pack solutions. Also, we perform fulfillment and creative technology solutions for automating efficiencies in print media.

Besides our efficient Kitting solutions, we provide exceptional pick and pack service too. This entails collecting individual pieces of an order and packing the materials. Typically, we pack them in boxes, containers or simply envelopes set for shipment. To learn more about how our kitting solutions can help streamline your operations, contact BFC today.

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