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Integrated marketing is the arrangement of various marketing channels so they perform together to promote a message. Typically it involves promoting your services or products through a strategic marketing plan. Also, integrated marketing serves to align the key brand message your marketing assets are delivering.

Integrated marketing helps do away with disparities within various channels. Consequently, that serves to unify your messaging and connect with potential customers more effectively. It is comparable to multiple-channel marketing. However, integrated marketing is what helps align your message across all the various channels.

It’s worth pointing out that integrated marketing doesn’t only apply to digital marketing methods. Certainly, it includes conventional media channels as well. For example, integrated marketing can include print ads, radio and TV spots. Read on for more helpful information about integrated marketing and how it can be effective for your business.

Without a doubt, integrated marketing plans can vary widely with respect to their goals. Growing brand awareness or converting page views, for instance. However, they ought to have a single element in common – aligning your marketing avenues to provide a singular message. All the individual pieces of a marketing plan should serve a common goal. The notion is comparable to a football coach coordinating the different players on a team to work toward one goal.

Additionally, it is more effective to implement an integrated marketing strategy in comparison to doing so with individual channels. Some of the reasons an integrated marketing effort gets results include:

-Reaching out to a wider potential number of customers than single marketing avenues.

-More channels increases the chances your products and services will appear before consumers.

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Consequently, your message remains top-of-mind and pushes page views closer to converting to sales.

-Develop a trust with consumers when they see consistent messaging across various channels.

-A marketing effort across various channels saves money. This is because it’s convenient to repurpose marketing for different channels.

The Advantages of Integrated Marketing Solutions

The concept of integrated marketing is a relatively basic one. Essentially, it ensures that other forms of communications and messaging link together. It means integrating various marketing tools in order for them all to work together seamlessly and effectively. Naturally, promotions are a key part of the mix and present their own methods of communication.

All of the methods function better when they are in harmony instead of separate. The sum is more effective than their individual parts as long as remain consistent. This enhances when integrated marketing goes farther than only the basic communication methods.

For example, finance, production, distributions and communications should function together and remain conscious of the messaging to customers. Different elements like sales, direct mailing and advertising can each support each other through integration. To that end, marketing information systems need to collects and share data across departments.

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Without a doubt, advances in digital technologies continue to offer many benefits to your business. However, print marketing remains as a very effective form that generates even better results when integrated with other avenues. Some of the reasons why include:

-Reading print is a slower process that delivers better comprehension. When reading online content, consumers generally read very fast, simply skimming the screen for key information. However, when consuming information on paper, they tend to read more slowly. As a result, they take in more details and gain a better understanding.

BFC – Print and Electronic Communications for Your Business

-Reading on paper promotes more focus on your message. Reading online content offers convenience but it also comes with risk of distractions. For example, there are interruptions from pop up ads, notifications and other on-screen elements. As a result, those components make it a challenge for readers to take in a specific message. Those distractions are not part of the presentation with print marketing materials. That means readers keep their focus on the message.

-Reading print results in better recall and comprehension. Being capable of slowing down to focus while reading typically results in greater comprehension. Specifically in comparison to when reading the same material online. Research indicates that the experience of actually holding paper while reading print helps develop a connections with the content.

-Products look good in print. Most products simply present better through print marketing than they do through other media. The sensory connection makes it more likely that readers can relate to the product or service. A campaign that is only digital can struggle to generate a similar response.

-Convert consumer interest to purchases with print marketing. Boost your brand’s awareness and buyer intent with print advertising exposure. Readers of print marketing materials tend to make more purchase decisions in comparison to online content readers.

-Print is effective in coordination with other platforms. Print messages serve to increase results when in combination with other venues. Combining print and TV ads, for instance, can generate results better than online and TV ads. The combo of TV, online and print is even more effective, further supporting the notion that print helps drive sales.

Print, Fulfillment and Technology for Chicagoland Business

-Print marketing increases recall of other communication methods. Consumers are more likely to recall a TV ad, for instance, when print ads are also part of the campaign. They are more able to associate a brand with advertising print is part of the exposure.

-Print marketing continues to increase brand awareness with time. TV and online campaigns tend to display diminishing returns after just a few exposures. Alternatively, print marketing continually improves brand awareness for a much longer span. Consequently, that makes marketing through print an effective platform for longer-term promotional campaigns.

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Because of the enduring impact print media offers, direct mail marketing is a great way to build awareness of your business. Direct mail marketing basically involves the making and distribution of marketing materials through postal mail. Direct mail is ad mail that the recipient does not request, which makes it important to use quality printing and good messaging. At BFC, our creative team works with our customers to implement direct mail campaigns that get results. From initial ideas through distribution, we can handle each step of the process. Consequently, our direct mail expertise can help expand consumer awareness of your products and services. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a large corporation, there are undeniable benefits available to you through direct mailing.

Indeed, direct mail continues to serve a wide variety of businesses across multiple sectors in Chicagoland. For example, restaurants, supermarkets and car repair shops distribute menus, coupons and flyers to their customers. In addition, charitable organizations and nonprofits send out donation letters and brochures to promote their messages too. Generally, any type of business looking to market their products and services is probably a good candidate for direct mailing.

Grow Your Brand’s Awareness with Direct Mail

There are two general ways of sending direct mail – shared and standalone. With shared mail, the advertising businesses share space with others in the same direct mail piece. With standalone mail, the direct mail piece presents one advertiser.

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