How to Save Money on Printing

How to Save Money on Printing

Managing a big print job can be challenging and time consuming. Whether it’s your first big project or you’ve gone through the process several times, there’s probably a lot on your plate you’re not familiar with. That’s okay. You’re not a printer, after all.

From printing specifics like color, paper weight and size – to what happens to your project after it’s been printed, such as how to mail – there’s a lot to consider. And to make matters even more stressful, failing to understand any of the above can lead to costs and delays that could have been avoided.

At BFC, we’ve been in the printing and fulfillment business for over 40 years. So trust us when we say we’ve seen a little bit of everything. But one thought that keeps popping up time and time again is that if people were armed with just a little bit more information up front, they’d be able to make better decisions and avoid a lot of unnecessary expenses.

To help you from ever facing a scenario like this, we’ve put together a checklist that goes over some important need-to-knows about the printing process. After looking over this, you’ll be able to confidently plan your next printing job.

This checklist will help you:

  • Pick the right printer and build a relationship
  • Minimize costs throughout the printing and mailing process
  • Prepare a realistic schedule for project completion
  • And many more ways to save money on printing projects

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