Fulfillment Services

Fulfillment Services



Fulfillment Services – For many of our clients, the work doesn’t end with the printed product. Successful execution also relies on consistently efficient and accurate fulfillment services. With BFC managing this process, you can be sure that your unique fulfillment needs will be met, with no last-minute surprises.

Everything we do at BFC is influenced by the needs of the customer. From custom kitting to complex packaging requirements, we have the facilities and expertise to meet your fulfillment needs.

Below are general fulfillment services we provide; if you have a fulfillment need that you don’t see here, get in touch — chances are we do that, too.


Kitting is an industry term frequently used in order fulfillment. It refers to the assembling of items into sets – or “kits” – that are ready for shipment. Kitting is often used for product samples, promotional literature, instructional packets, display materials, media kits, welcome kits, product releases, franchisee supplies and more.

Any items that are to be distributed as a set or kit can benefit from our kitting services. In many cases, the materials of a customized packet are personalized and require 100% accuracy. At BFC, we have mastered the art of kitting and assembly.


One of the many services provided by BFC, pick and pack involves collecting the individual materials of an order – known as the “picking” step of the process – and then “packing” those materials into a container, envelope or box ready for shipment. Some of our core clients using this service are Franchise Systems, Dealer and Distributed Networks, and Insurance Carriers for broker and agent support.

Over the course of our many years in the industry, and with the online estore platform that we developed, BFC has become uniquely qualified to manage a pick and pack program. In fact, at our facility, we accurately process over 500 orders every day!


BFC’s 70,000 square foot warehouse houses over 10,000 SKU’s and is the base and hub for all of our fulfillment services. Seamlessly integrated with our online estore ordering, managing inventory levels and reordering points are trouble-free. You will always know your inventory counts with no last-minute surprises.

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