The Fulfillment Process – A Brief Outline of This Essential Service

The process of fulfillment is what takes place in a business when an order for a product is received (basically it is the “fulfilling” of the order). This includes the steps of warehousing, locating the product ordered, packaging the product for shipment and then shipping it to the correct address. It may sound straightforward, but since no two companies are the same the fulfillment process can vary. The advent of the internet ushered in some changes as well. In businesses that have a significant e-commerce component, fulfillment can also call for maintaining online inventory, creating new accounts for online clients and taking care of active client databases.

Fulfillment Process

Fulfillment Process

Companies generally manage fulfillment in a couple of ways: by managing it in-house or through the practice of outsourcing. Many startups begin by handling their own fulfillment needs. This can be a pragmatic, cost effective strategy while a business is relatively small. As it grows, though, the amount of time dedicated by employees to fulfilling orders can become a factor. Typically, if a business grows to a degree where it could generate more money concentrating on other areas like, for example, product development and research or sales and marketing, that could be the right time to consider outsourcing fulfillment. If your business is at or approaching this stage in your development, BFC offers fulfillment expertise with business entities of any size.

Processing Orders

When a business gets an order from a customer, it typically then passes the order on to its fulfillment center (often online invoices can be emailed or organized into spreadsheets that are automatically sent forward). The fulfillment center will then pick the item from within their inventory and be sure it reaches the proper address. Packaging and shipment is often automated at most fulfillment centers.

Exchanges and Returns

Fulfillment centers usually handle return and exchange requests for customers according to set company guidelines. The fulfillment process center personnel is who usually examines exchanged or returned merchandise to see whether they can be sold again.

Levels of competition are intense within the current e-commerce market. Many businesses utilize fulfillment as a way to stay ahead of their competitors, and a higher demand for specialized fulfillment services has resulted in a change in the fulfillment center industry. Nowadays, many fulfillment process centers are automated so effectively they can distribute most orders within 24 hours from when they’re received.

Since it is responsible for delivering products to them, customers usually have their most personal connections with companies through their fulfillment process department. When products are consistently sent on deadline that makes customers more likely to come back for repeat business. And at BFC, you can always rely on our team to complete your fulfillment needs on schedule.

Our experienced team can work with you to provide:


Our 70,000-square-foot warehouse serves as the hub for all of our excellent fulfillment services. Conveniently bundled with our online e-store ordering capabilities, it’s hassle-free to manage inventory levels and reordering. You will always be updated on your latest inventory numbers without the worries of surprises popping up. With BFC taking care of this process for you, your company’s special fulfillment needs will be accomplished consistently.

Kitting and Fulfillment

Kitting is a term that is used quite often in our industry in reference to the assembling of products into kits that are all set for shipping. Kitting is commonly used for product samples, promotional materials, tutorial packets, presentation materials, press kits, product releases and plenty more.

Any of your company’s products that are set for distribution may benefit from BFC’s efficient kitting services. The materials within customized packets typically call for complete accuracy. At BFC, our experienced team has perfected this essential service for today’s competitive business environment.

Pick and Pack

Among the many professional services offered by BFC, pick and pack entails the collection of specific materials for an order. This is what is referred to as the “picking” part of the procedure. The “packing” step involves placing the specific materials inside a container, mailer or box so it is ready for transport. This service is especially useful for entities such as insurance carriers or franchise systems, for example.

Throughout our years in the industry and with the innovative, convenient online store platform that we have developed, BFC is distinctively qualified for successfully managing a pick and pack function. In fact, at our busy facility we correctly process around 500 orders on a daily basis!

Printing On Demand with BFC – Convenient Printing Portals Provide On Demand, Customized Printing Whenever You Need It

We provide our clients customized, secure print portals ready to be accessed by their personnel.
This type of innovative service is great for companies with several locations, franchisees or those companies with many employees who need fast and easy access to printed material on demand.
The processing of print campaigns for a number of users can be quite challenging on account of tracking orders by location, maintaining brand consistency and dealing with campaigns that could be local, regional or national. With your own dedicated custom print portal you can eliminate worries about those issues! And simply because the portal is online, that does not mean that you will find it difficult to get another person on the phone if you have a concern. As your Policy Print and Fulfillment partner, the BFC team is always here when you need to talk with someone each step of the way.

BFC brings the advantage of keeping all facets of our streamlined production process right here in-house at our facilities in Batavia, Illinois. Our integrated strategy – from data to printing to mailing – for communications and production brings together our technology, our customer support and the finest equipment on the market to ensure the end product fulfills your budget, your schedule and the quality you expect.

BFC is an excellent partner for companies that have a distributed network or several locations. Our company is also ideal for businesses that create recurring documents like contracts, renewal notices, statements, etc. Our efficient mix of technology and printing automates the practice of making these documents.

At BFC, we have more than 40 years of Policy Print and Fulfillment industry experience that we apply to every task we do. Count on us to perform even the most intricate printing tasks and we will deliver outstanding quality at affordable rates. Our capacity to print offset or digitally means our clients always receive precisely the results they need for any project.

Variable Data Printing

At BFC, variable data printing drives roughly 80 percent of our facility’s production. We also have substantial industry experience in data management and production of advanced, customized communications.

Digital and Commercial Print

The BFC team has a variety of cutting-edge equipment that features both commercial sheet and digital presses. This kind of versatility provides us the ability to complete print jobs of any size. At BFC, everything from corporate brochures to black-only high volume statement printing suits our service model.

Selective Insertion

With the application of 2D barcodes and selective insertion gear along with our quality control practices, BFC assures 100 percent accuracy in the assembly of personalized communications.