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 Fulfillment Chicago

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For a lot of our clients, a project doesn’t conclude with the printed product. Productive execution also depends on reliable, efficient and precise fulfillment services. With BFC guiding this very essential process, our clients can be certain that their distinct Fulfillment Chicago needs will be met – and without last minute surprises.

Everything we do at BFC is based on the needs of the customer. Whether it’s customized kitting or complex packaging specifications, we are a company with the equipment, technology and expertise to satisfy all Fulfillment Chicago needs.

Below is an overview of the Fulfillment Chicago services we offer. If there’s another fulfillment requirement you’re in need of that you don’t spot here, just give us a call – it’s likely we do that, too!

Kitting and Fulfillment Chicago

Kitting is an industry term frequently used in order fulfillment. It refers to the assembling of items into sets – or “kits” – that are ready for shipment. Kitting is often used for product samples, promotional literature, instructional packets, display materials, media kits, welcome kits, product releases, franchisee supplies and more. Generally, any items that are to be distributed as a set can benefit from our kitting services. In some cases, the materials of a customized packet consist of different materials that require assembly. At BFC, we have mastered the art of kitting and assembly.

Pick and Pack

One of the most popular services provided by BFC, pick and pack involves collecting the individual materials of an order – known as the “picking” step of the process – and then “packing” those materials into a container, envelope or box ready for shipment. Over the course of our many years in the industry, BFC has become uniquely qualified to manage a pick and pack program. In fact, at our facility we accurately process more than 500 orders every day!

Direct Mail

Direct mail entails a wide array of materials – from brochures, welcome letters and catalogs to postcards, organization newsletters and sales letters. It’s among the most effective and rewarding ways to connect with new customers as well as to strengthen relationships with existing customers. The direct mail process calls for the coordination of multiple aspects within the printing realm. At BFC, we manage each aspect at a single location with no hassle for our clients – it’s that simple.

Postal Optimization

BFC gets the best possible postal rates for our clients by the use of a range of tools and practices including data hygiene, presort programs and co-mingling. This allows us to identify postal trends for the most efficient routing and the best postage discounts for all classes of mail. Our expertise in postal optimization has resulted in major savings for our valuable clients while assuring that their mail is delivered quickly and efficiently.

Email Marketing

Our automated email marketing platform makes managing campaigns a breeze. Set it and forget it! An effective way to connect with your target audience, there are a number of successful methods to consider in email marketing: welcome letters with information about your company and services; requests for important information about clients; new product roll-outs; coupons for future purchases and much more.

BFC’s state-of-the-art facility is located at 1051 North Kirk Road in west suburban Batavia. Our print, technology and Fulfillment Chicago solutions are ideal for a wide variety of industries such as insurance providers, manufacturers, healthcare providers, membership organizations, retail outlets and franchises. To learn more about our innovative solutions and how they can meet the needs of your business, contact us at 630-879-9240.

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