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Ecommerce Marketing Chicago IL

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An Overview of ecommerce Marketing
Ecommerce marketing is simply the practice of applying promotional strategies to drive traffic to your online store. The purpose is to convert that traffic into paying clients and to retain those clients post-purchase.

An effective ecommerce marketing plan consists of tactics both offline and on your company’s website. A wise marketing plan can serve to grow awareness of your brand, promote customer loyalty and eventually boost online sales.

You can utilize Ecommerce Marketing Chicago IL for promoting your online store and for driving sales of certain products. Below we present a few practical, effective ideas that could work for your company.

-Upsell your services and products. Most consumers are well aware of upselling. For example, most people have heard some version “are you interested in supersizing your order?” It’s basically the practice of selling a moderately more premium service or product than what the customer was initially considering.

For a lot of businesses, upselling is more effective than gaining a new customer. In some cases, a customer doesn’t know that the premium option is even available. Or, they might simply require more information to see how an upgrade will better fulfill their needs. Two primary considerations when it comes to upselling to boost sales include:

Ecommerce Marketing Chicago IL – Call BFC – 630-879-9240

-Ensure that your upsells relate to the product that initially drew the customer’s interest.
-Be aware of the price range your customer is anticipating. Your product must fit with customer’s initial needs. Naturally, they might be hesitant toward a higher price after they already anticipate a lower price. That “anchor” price is frequently the first figure the customer sees. Consequently, it is the number that they use in comparison to other prices. The new product you’re upselling must be a better solution than the original to make it worth the extra cost.

-Grow your number of email subscribers. When it comes to dollars, email marketing is among the most effective methods for growing sales and gaining customers. According to some industry studies, email marketing can contribute as much as 20 percent of revenue. The realm if tweets and Facebook postings can be too much to stay current on. Alternatively, email can provide a far more personal interaction. People still tend to me more attentive to messages in their personal inbox rather than their social media feed. Additionally, email provides you with the space to present information that a social media post simply can’t contain.

To get going with email marketing, it’s a good idea to actively promote it in blogs or in your company newsletter. This can help add more email subscribers.

-Improvements for your email campaigns. It’s not sufficient to just capture some email addresses. You’ll want to send consistent, informative emails for them to be a productive marketing effort. There are several occasions that are ideal for sending emails your subscribers will truly appreciate:

-Send a welcoming email just as soon as a customer completes a purchase.
-Offer exclusive promotional codes and free, imaginative gifts.
-Send newsletters that alert subscribers to new discounts and products.
-Share current, relevant content that helps your customers get the most out from their newly purchased products.
-Send a thank you to your high-value customers. A personal note that expresses appreciation for their patronage goes a long way.
-Ask for customer feedback. When someone visits your company’s site but does not purchase anything, inquire about their experience and to improve it.

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