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Ecommerce is also known as internet commerce or electronic commerce. Basically, it refers to the purchasing and selling of goods and services utilizing the internet. Also, it refers to the transfer of currency and information for the execution of those transactions. Ecommerce frequently refers to the online sales of physical products. But it can describe any type of transaction that takes place across the internet too. While “e-business” relates to any aspect of running an online entity, eCommerce particularly refers to transactions of products and services.

The Different Categories of Ecommerce

There’s four main varieties of eCommerce that may describe most every type of transaction that transpires between customers and businesses.

  • -Business to Business. This is – just like it sounds – a transaction from one business to another. For example, a business entity sells a product to another businesses for their use.
  • -Business to Consumer. This entails a business selling a product or services to an individual customer. An example would be when a consumer buys a piece of furniture from a retailer online.
  • -Consumer to Consumer. When consumers sell goods or services to other consumers. For instance, if you sell your old dining room table on eBay to another person.
  • -Consumer to Business. This involves a consumer selling their goods to a business. A photographer licenses their photographs to a business, for example.
  • eCommerce may occur in a wide range of forms that involve various transactions between consumers and businesses. It can involve the exchange of different items as part of these online transactions.
  • -Wholesale. The selling of products in bulk, frequently to retailers. Subsequently, the retailers sell the products to consumers directly.
  • -Retailers. The selling of products by businesses straight to customers with no intermediary.

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-Dropshipping. This involves the sale of products to a third party. The third party manufactures and ships a final product to consumers.

-Crowdfunding. The collection of funds from consumers before a product is available. Crowdfunding raises the capital that’s necessary to bring the product to the marketplace.

-Subscriptions. This is the recurring purchase of a product or services on a regular schedule until the subscriber decides to cancel.

-Tangible products. Any physical goods that need inventory for replenishment. Requires orders for physical shipment to consumers.

-Services. Providing a skill in exchange for payment.

-Digital goods. Downloadable products, media and templates or media that must be licensed for use or bought for consumption.

Physical and social distancing is encouraging more and more consumers to remain at home, only venturing out to do necessary errands. Consequently, an increasing number of consumers are ordering goods and services online. That drives business owners to review and update their current product fulfillment and distribution methods to meet the growing demand.

Shipping Fulfillment

Whether your business ships packages domestically or globally, BFC can meet all your requirements in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Order Fulfillment, Domestic Shipping

At BFC, we believe in simplifying the domestic shipment of packages. Whatever your preferred shipping method may be, we utilize our dependable partners. Count on us to help deliver your packages anywhere across the nation on time and in sound condition.

Likewise if your clients conduct business internationally or send orders overseas. We provide international shipping at affordable pricing.

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Ecommerce enables even smaller businesses to expand their brand awareness globally. At BFC we’ll help ensure your business remains competitive by providing international order fulfillment services. In addition, we do so with the very same assurances that your packages arrive on time. It’s our priority to see that your customers are happy.

There’s a lot that goes into the successful processing of order fulfillment. Your business needs a team with experience. The BFC team is capable of successfully handling the logistic operations every step of the way. Our staff has the expertise to ensure your product fulfillment gets done on time every time.

BFC utilizes leading-edge tracking systems as a measure of ensuring the packages you ship arrive on schedule. We provide the equipment and technologies to make completing an order as efficient as possible. Automation is a major part of our operations and helps ensure that order fulfillment remains efficient while lowering the risk of human error.

Fast and Versatile Order Fulfillment Solutions

BFC treats all aspects of logistics and shipping with the same high priority. Whether your shipment quantities are relatively small or major, we provide options for the effective shipment of your products.

Efficiency is essential when dealing with a company’s warehousing operations or any aspect of the supply chain. Even smaller savings in one aspect may result in significant savings when it applies to large quantities of products. This kind of agility enables businesses to get more competitive, grow and offer exciting new products to customers.

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Practicing efficient and reliable warehousing takes trained workers, warehouse management systems and integration with a logistics network. For small businesses, it can be difficult to try and establish these various elements from the ground up. To that end, third party companies like BFC offer very valuable solutions. We offer advanced, professional warehousing fulfillment solutions that enable you to concentrate on growing your business.

By working with BFC you can benefit from:

-Efficient warehousing and storage space. We provide versatile storage options like pallet, bulk and rack storage. By calculating storage solutions to the unique dimensions of your products, efficiency results in in both the space utilized and lower warehousing expenses.

-Warehousing offers security. BFC’s facilities offer not only state-of-the-art services and technology, but reliable security too. We take careful steps to ensure that our warehouse staff as well as visitors are able to conduct their business in a secure setting.

-Warehouse management systems. Our systems utilize the latest technological advancements to enable for real-time oversight of our customer’s supply chain.

BFC is a specialist in warehouse fulfillment and eCommerce fulfillment based in Batavia, IL. We store, sort and deliver products of all sizes and shapes for a variety of businesses. Additionally, we provide high quality print and direct mailing marketing services. Contact us at 630-879-9240 to learn more about our warehousing and fulfillment solutions can grow and support business.

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BFC provides our clients a range of other professional services besides logistics.

When you send an order to your customers, you naturally want your product’s presentation to be in a professional fashion. That’s why we provide kitting and assembly solutions. If your customer’s shipment is a fragile item, we take appropriate precautions to make sure it arrives intact. Our quality control procedures are cutting-edge. When it comes to fulfilling the needs of our valuable clients and, in turn, their customers, we always go above and beyond. BFC provides these solutions and much more at a reasonable price.

At BFC, we also offer a selection of specialty projects for our clients. Providing unique services is just one of the multiple ways we set ourselves ahead of other fulfillment providers. Contact us and learn more at 630-879-9240. We can help!

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