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Document Fulfillment Services

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Document Fulfillment
Document fulfillment is a method of handling sensitive, business-critical communications, printed and electronic products quickly and securely. A provider will ensure the production and delivery of the material in your order and customize it to your business’s needs in a cost-effective manner.
The printing and forms market is changing in the area of print and document fulfillment. Many of the physical fulfillment processes are migrating to an electronic format. Digital printing, Print on Demand (POD), online electronic delivery of client communications and Portable Document Formats (PDF), web-based client servers, and variable binding is among the recent supply chain technological innovations.

Keep it In-House or Outsource?
Do we keep our fulfillment in-house or outsource it? That question echoes through companies every day. Outsourcing fulfillment is a perfect option for Chicago area companies. Businesses that need a document fulfillment service want to keep focused on the crux of their business. Because outsourcing document fulfillment to a provider usually means faster response and lower costs, it can be smart. Connecting with a provider that understands growth also positions your company to scale quickly at a more minimal cost than adding physical storage space and equipment. Document fulfillment providers offer customized services that tailor services to the needs of your business.

Companies Require Both Electronic and Physical Document Fulfillment Services

Print materials that businesses distribute are done mainly through electronic fulfillment. There are many benefits to this, including cost savings and added flexibility. Electronic fulfillment helps lower costs per unit, eliminates additional print materials, and allows flexibility. This flexibility makes customizing an order more straightforward, and a provider can respond more quickly. Even with these innovations, the need for physical printing still exists. Direct mail, brochures, and other printed company collateral continue to integrate into a complete marketing strategy.
Client print and document needs have become more multi-dimensional with the expansion of new technologies. Agile providers navigate the changing landscape by providing electronic fulfillment (digital) and warehousing (physical) fulfillment of documents and printed materials.

There is still a need, and plenty of room, in the industry for both types of fulfillment. Electronic fulfillment has made significant strides; however, companies still rely on physical printing. The next generation of print fulfillment companies will harness technology to an even greater extent. Your business requires electronic document fulfillment and physical print materials for distribution to be competitive.

Benefits of Document Fulfilment Services
Illinois businesses face challenges every day. Document fulfillment can be one of those challenges. Competently handling that challenge is both an essential and potentially tricky task. Companies are looking for services that are at the leading edge of the industry. Services have to be comprehensive, expedient, accurate, and cost-effective. Businesses now have easier access to information than ever before. Your company has options when it comes to document fulfillment services. Providers are aware that the customer is in control and that they are looking for responsive, fully encompassing services.

Providers can help customers stay on top of changing compliance and regulatory requirements by responding quickly. They can integrate with your company’s business systems for seamless production, data processing, and document composition.

It can seem like the services offered by these providers can be limitless. For example, some can provide daily, weekly, monthly and annual campaigns data processing & document composition, printing and enclosing, choice of finishing options, secure warehouse facilities, a full audit trail, integrated document archiving, E and Web delivery, response handling & data capture, disaster recovery, and delivery solutions.

Print and Mailing Services
Complete document fulfillment services include print and mailing. Capabilities include services to capture, compose, personalize, print, distribute bills, data receipts, mapping, and composition. Document composition is specialized by customer class or specific customer requirements.

Digital printing and Print on Demand (POD) are cost and time-saving methods becoming standard throughout the industry. Document fulfillment services should customize designs, have insertion capabilities, and present store documents in electronic format. Documents are then ready for online delivery through Portable Document Files (PDF), and web-based servers.
Comprehensive fulfillment services have redundancy in software, equipment, and personnel.

They can also offer mail sorting services, to make the process more cost-effective through economies of scale and shared cost models. Statements, invoices, and bills are crucial components of revenue collection, but these processes can be challenging to handle comfortably. A document fulfillment solution can help.

Statement and Bill Rendering

A comprehensive document fulfillment solution will transform flat files into targeted statements and invoices. There might be some variation in your target audience. Specific information needed for residential consumers differs from an industrial or commercial customer. Statements should reflect these differences. A range of factors necessitates different formats, including the bill type, service type, or customer classification.

Tracking capabilities such as Time of Use graphs and other charts are enhanced ways to provide valuable information to your customers. As your business requirements change or regulations are altered, modifications to your statements might become necessary. Document fulfillment services can expedite these format changes. Ensuring that current postal and shipping rate updates occur means your company receives discounted postage and on-time bill delivery.

An Everchanging Landscape

Changes in the fulfillment market are leading some providers in new directions. This can be beneficial to your company as the menu of available items grows.

Direct Mail Marketing
Direct mail marketing is not typically associated with document fulfillment; however, times are changing. Some providers offer direct mail services that can help your business grow and consolidate your third-party vendor load. These companies utilize the fastest and most effective ways of handling direct mail. Fulfillment centers have a trained direct mail team that holds certifications in mail quality assurance by the U.S. Postal Service.

In addition to your marketing material’s production and shipping, companies maintain stringent database management, making it possible to reach target customers straight from your mailing list. This helps make the expansion of your client base more attainable. Direct mail is still an effective way of getting your brand into the hands of potential customers.

Digital Storefronts

Another option offered by some document fulfillment services is the addition of digital storefronts. A digital storefront is your company’s “web presence.” It is an electronic representation of your business and the anchor of your brand.

A custom-branded digital storefront grows with your business, and digital document fulfillment providers are making that option available. Additional services include administrative control to manage new and existing documentation and same-day shipping. These are just some of the benefits gained by launching a digital storefront through a document fulfillment service.

Digital storefronts empower you to take control and manage your literature and distribution efforts. Allowing orders to generate 24/7 means they go straight to production from your network of users.

Making the Right Choice – Call BFC at 630-879-9240

Document fulfillment has a presence in nearly every industry, from retail to manufacturing and financial services to real estate, to name a few. Document fulfillment services offer a more extensive range of options than ever before. When deciding to outsource document fulfillment, a company must be confident that the provider can ensure the production and delivery of the material in your order and customize it to your business’s needs in a cost-effective manner. Document Fulfilment starts with BFC.

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