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Document Fulfillment Companies

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Practically any enterprise that sells products directly to customers through the mail has to deal with fulfillment. However, it’s a term that most frequently relates to e-commerce. After you have a functioning website and orders start coming in, you’ll need a way to fill and ship them. Entrepreneurs can either choose a fulfillment company or try to set it up on site.

A total service fulfillment company like BFC provides solutions at affordable pricing. We take your items from warehouse shelving, pack them and turn them over to shippers on schedule. Then we send out automated e-mail replies to your customers to inform them their packages are on the way.

We can manage credit-card processing and supply accurate levels of inventory to your company’s website. In addition, we can send notices of shipment and handle product returns. There are many fulfillment companies to select from, but it’s always best to choose a proven one like BFC.

If you’re utilizing your website hosting company for shopping cart and credit-card processing, you can use services like pick-and-pack.

Before you decide on a Document Fulfillment Company, however, confirm it wants to serve the needs of a small business. At BFC, we’re happy to partner with businesses of all sizes and scopes. Also, you’ll find that our affordable pricing and our reliability is simply second-to-none. Contact us today to schedule a consultation at 630-557-8060.

Providing Electronic and Physical Document Fulfillment

Technology and the internet provides a wide playing field when it comes to satisfying customer print and document requirements. To remain competitive, businesses must be able to provide efficient fulfillment of documents and print materials.

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A significant portion of the print materials that businesses distribute are through electronic fulfillment. Electronic fulfillment helps lower costs per unit, eliminates unnecessary print materials and allows flexibility. That makes it easier to make custom materials that customers want without delay.

There is a purpose for electronic as well as physical document fulfillment solutions. Is your business providing each to your customers?

The internet age brings instant and direct access to current information. Certainly, with the convenience that websites offer, the consumer is in control. Back in the 90s, there was speculation that the online world would eliminate the demand for print catalogs. However, that did not take place. Certainly, there remains a positive synergy in between print and electronic catalogs.

Outsourcing fulfillment continues as a beneficial business model. Companies recognize that document fulfillment is not their core focus. Instead, third party document fulfillment frequently provides a lower price per order and quicker turn around. Additionally, by outsourcing fulfillment a business does not need to invest in technologies and warehousing. Businesses can expand their customer services and accommodate their busiest periods more efficiently.

Here are few more benefits that your business can gain from document fulfillment solutions by BFC.

-No need for long term leasing. With BFC’s affordable document fulfillment solutions, you’ll benefit from flexible prices. When you’re going through a slower sales period or a time of growth, we can adapt to adapt to your fulfillment needs. Renting your own facility means a significant commitment of not just capital but personnel. If you’re fulfilling and shipping your orders you’ll need to hire increasingly more staff members. Rather than hiring more people, why not rely on the expertise of our staff? With our team handling your document fulfillment needs, you’ll save on those expenses.

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-Avoid the complexities of market fluctuations. While increases in sales are a positive thing, it does present some challenges. For example, you’ll need to hire more people, invest in equipment and obtain additional warehouse room. In additional, when orders inevitably fall you may have too many people on staff and equipment you no longer need. Order fulfillment experts like BFC offer consistency for these services. Consequently, changes in market demand won’t have such a serious impact on your bottom line.

-Concentrate on your business while we handle the fulfillment. Naturally, you prefer to operate your core business rather than pick orders and pack cartons. When you allow an order fulfillment provider to take of the details you’ll gain more time for your primary responsibilities.

Consult with us for your next direct mail campaign

Along with our document fulfillment solutions, BFC offers direct mail expertise that can grow your business too. When it comes to reaching a particular target audience, there are several key reasons that direct mail marketing in Arkansas is a useful strategy. Although every company has distinct methods of creating direct mail, the advantages are consistent when used as part of your marketing strategy:

Can be composed rapidly and efficiently

Has many format options to fit your campaign’s needs

Grabs the focus of potential customers using visual cues and relevant information

Provides the initial tools to learn more about a company, product, or event

Highly customizable when using demographic data and contact lists

Gives useful information to potential customers, even if they do not immediately use a company’s services

Easy and convenient for customers to respond to

By sending out marketing materials in the mail, companies can ensure that their advertisements are sent to a highly targeted list of individuals. Furthermore, a strategy can expand as the company grows so that it is possible to gain and retain new customers over time.

Starting Your Next Direct Mail Marketing Effort with BFC

BFC is ready with services that your business will need to launch a successful direct mail marketing strategy. Our team has a particular dedication to fulfilling direct mail campaigns that get results. For example, we employ effective tools including:

-In-house professional design and layout.

-Ink jetting and laser imaging.

-U.S. Postal Service mail processes and delivery.

-Secure warehousing for print materials.

Besides the design, printing and shipment of your ad and marketing material, BFC provides ongoing database management. That makes it possible to choose and target customers straight from your mailing list. With our services, it is possible to develop a realistic plan for gaining new customers.

Reach New Customers with BFC’s Print and Fulfillment Solutions

It’s simply essential that your print promotional materials arrive in the mailboxes of your current and potential customers. The BFC direct mailing staff works to make sure this occurs with on each item of your campaign. We accomplish this having a trained team that holds certifications in mail quality control by the U.S. Postal Service. We utilize the best equipment and the fastest, most effective ways of handling your direct mail.

Our selection of leading-edge art equipment enables you to benefit from our many services at a low cost per response. Our services include laser imaging, ink jetting, inserting and more. We feature our own creative team that can present you with design and layout choices for your campaign. Without a doubt, we can help present your products and services in a way that connects with customers. Direct mail remains as very effective way of putting your messaging right into the hands of potential customers.

Visit BFC’s state-of-the-art facilities at 1050 North Kirk Road in Batavia. To schedule a consultation for fulfillment, direct mail or any of our other services, contact us at 630-557-8060.

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