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Document Fulfillment Companies Chicago IL

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Fulfillment is basically the steps a business takes in between receiving an order and getting it to the customer. The practice entails warehousing, selecting and packing the order. Then, the order ships to the customer, who receives an automated message (email) that the order is on the way.

The Stages of Document Fulfillment Companies Chicago IL

Receive inventory. Basically, there are two ways in which an eCommerce company handles their inventory. It can opt to receive and store the inventory at their own location. Alternatively, it can utilize an order fulfillment provider to take care of their stock and other tasks. If they store at their own site, it involves quite a lot. For example, the business is responsible for assessing their inventory, labeling and handling the inventory system. If the business decides to outsource or dropship, those tasks are done by their document fulfillment provider.

Storage of inventory. If you chose to warehouse your own inventory, it comes along without another set of tasks once the receiving stage finishes. Chief among them is often putting the inventory on shelves and tracking which materials come in and go out. This enables prompt shipment of the orders without risk of unnecessary delays.

Order processing. When businesses outsource their document fulfillment, it saves them a lot of time. They can just pass the order request to their fulfillment partner and let them take it from there. For business that handle their own inventory, this is the step where they must pick the order from the shelf. The next step is to transport it to a packing area, inspect for any signs of damage and then place the documents in a box. Lastly, the box goes to a delivery station.

Shipment of the order. The shipping method depends upon the weight, size and specifics of the fulfillment order.

Handling of returns. For online customers, the ability to conveniently return items plays a significant role in the buying process. To assure that the receiving, replacement and refunding of a returned item goes efficiently, an accessible policy is essential. Automation of this can help to prevent unnecessary errors and confusion.

A Look at the Fulfillment Process

When it comes the eCommerce marketplace, the process of fulfillment process is fairly straightforward. As we mention above, fulfillment generally entails receiving, picking, packing and shipment of orders. The process can be further broken down into the following:

  • -Receiving the order. Orders arrive either by email, online or in person.
  • -Registration of the order request in an inventory system.
  • -Confirmation of the order goes to the customer.
  • -The order request forwards to the warehouse.
  • -Location and picking of the order items.
  • -Packing of the order items, prepare for shipment.
  • -Shipment of the order.
  • -The customer receives notification that the order is on the way.
  • -Delivery of the order.

Partnering with BFC for your document fulfillment needs can save your business money, time and valuable space.

One the key main advantage to our fulfillment solutions is simply our superior efficiency. Document fulfillment by the seasoned team at BFC will benefit your business by:

-Saving your business time and cost that you’d otherwise need to spend on significant resources.
-Saves money because you won’t need to dedicate valuable square footage to storing your documents and other print materials.
-We offer experience and resources that streamline the fulfillment process, enabling assembly and delivery to move ahead promptly without errors.
-Avoids big equipment purchases, which enables you to make other investments
-We customize to suit your business’s needs.

Document Fulfillment Companies Chicago IL – Call BFC – 630-879-9240

BFC Document Fulfillment Companies Chicago IL

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