Direct Response Marketing

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Direct Response Marketing for Direct to Consumer Marketing

At BFC, we understand there are many options to market to your customers. One of the longest and most successful solutions has been direct mail. It still has some of the highest response rates across all marketing channels and has the simplest performance tracking metrics. You targeted an address, and that address purchased your product.

A successful direct marketing campaign consist of a few direct response fundamentals:

  1. Target Audiences: With today’s data sources, we can develop hyper-targeted prospects lists that model your best customers. This increases response rates from traditional route focused direct mail.
  2. Format: Traditional letter, brochures, postcards, or interactive 3D formats can make a big difference in engagement and campaign performance. We will leverage our industry expertise to find the right format for your campaign.
  3. Engaging Creative: Personalized creative can quickly engage the consumer to interact with the direct mail. Utilizing best practices can increase performance with a simple font change or images.
  4. Strong Call to Action: You need to make it simple for the customer to understand what you are asking them to do. The call to action needs to be consistent and concise.
  5. Easy Response: In today’s world, we can leverage multiple technologies to drive response. The re-invention of the QR code has made this even easier over the last few years.
  6. Performance Tracking: By utilizing personal QR codes, we can track every unique response, match it to website traffic, and match it back to physical addresses.

BFC’s traditional sheetfed presses, wide format & digital inkjet capabilities enable us to handle all your direct marketing needs. Our comprehensive, in-house bindery, insertion, and postal fulfillment facility allows us to manage the entire end-to-end process as a single-source direct mail production partner.

Every Door Direct Mail

Every Door Direct Mail is solution provided by the United States Postal Services. It enables you to penetrate a zip code by carrier routes to reduce your campaign cost. This removes the need to purchase a mailing list and reduce your postage on your campaign. It is only allowed for postcards and will be delivered for 100% of the homes on the carrier route.

The route selector tool provides basic information about homes on the route and can be utilized to filter your targeted routes. They provide the % of homes within a certain age range, the avg number of people in a home and the average household income. This feature allows you to target routes that meet your key customer demographics. BFC is considered a commercial mailer and are not limited to the 5,000 per postal office per day.

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