Consumer’s preference for print (vs digital) challenges one of today’s biggest urban myths

Digital fatigue, authenticity, and electronic security concerns, are just a few of the reasons that readers are abandoning electronic media. Read on…

A survey conducted by Toluna and commissioned by Two Sides in June 2017 explored how consumers are digesting content, as well as what are their preferences and concerns on consuming content. Across all age groups, including millennial, people are turning to traditional printed materials.

Primary reasons for these choices include:

  1. Consumers want to retain a choice. Across all age brackets, 90% felt they should have the right to choose how they receive communications.
  2. Print on paper is considered safer and more secure. 79% of consumers keep hard copies of important documents files at home, avoiding the risk of being hacked, stolen, lost or damaged.
  3. Go Paperless, Go Green” claims are not trusted. 71% of customers believe the claim is groundless, with the assumption being that most corporations just want to save money.
  4. Ads are more effective in print. Even among 18-24-year-olds, 65% say they do not pay attention to online ads.

Is digital overload starting to set in?

The survey found that consumers, particularly in the younger age categories, are concerned about health issues associated with spending time looking at screens and show a desire to “unplug.” About half of those surveyed (53%) felt they spent too much time on electronic devices and that number was highest (81%) in the 25- to 34-year-old group.

The Toluna ( survey commissioned by Two Sides points out that print on paper plays a strong role in our daily lives, whether it is reading recreationally, carrying out financial transactions, maintaining our personal financial records, or responding to advertising. The push to digital communications by many companies suggests that there is a disconnect with what their customers, young and old, actually want.

Want to know more? Read the PRINT AND PAPER IN A DIGITAL WORLD SURVEY. This international survey provides more in-depth insight into consumer preferences and concerns of content consumption for paper and print communications in the current digital landscape.

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