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Commercial Printing Wheaton IL

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Typically, when people sort through their “snail” mail, they tend to look through each piece they receive in their mailbox. Then, they’ll decide which pieces to save and which pieces to throw away.

Alternatively, when looking through email, people will often be involved in some other kind of task that divides their attention. For example, they may be at work or at home doing laundry or watching TV. Because direct mailing competes with less distractions, it also has the advantage of a better audience attention span. Other benefits include:

-Direct mailing is trackable. There are lots of direct marketing and email tools for tracking the progress of an email campaign. Even though the process for tracking printed mail isn’t totally automated in an identical way, it can still be easy to monitor. For instance, you may assign an email address or a phone number specifically for the intended audience of a Commercial Printing Wheaton IL mailing campaign. It’s also possible to make a customized landing page with its own URLs. This can improve the effectiveness of your current data and the precision of your metrics for success.

Commercial Printing Wheaton IL

-No age restrictions. Whenever considering a specific strategy for a campaign, it’s important to know what age categories the strategy serves. Sometimes with online ads or email campaigns, older people may be underserved because they tend to adapt to new technologies a little later. If senior people are a vital demo for your product or service, you could be missing opportunities.

Rather, reach out to that large section of prospective customers with the benefits of Commercial Printing Wheaton IL and direct mailing. Plus, don’t automatically assume that seniors are the sole audience—other age groups can benefit as well. Consider your customers and how direct mail can reach them.

BFC is a leading provider of quality Commercial Printing solutions for businesses throughout the Chicagoland community.

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