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Variable Data Printing offers many advantages to your marketing strategy. The process begins with a standard design that specifies fixed elements in addition to the variable fields for the printed pieces. While the fixed elements appear the same on each piece, the variable fields are filled in with text or images as determined by application, style guidelines and information contained in the database.

There are three primary methods for Variable Data Print:

In one method, a static document gets loaded into a printer’s memory. The printer is directed to repeatedly print this document when sending out a page to the printer driver. Variable data may then print over the static document! This method is the most straightforward way to perform Variable Data Print, although its ability is not the same as a traditional mail merge.

A second method involves combining the fixed and variable elements you want into print files before printing them with the use of conventional software. This generates a standard print file that merges every image into every page. A disadvantage is that running many large print files can possibly overwhelm processing capacity. If this occurs, printing rates might become too slow to be realistic for a print task greater than a few hundred pages.

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A third method is to blend static and variable elements into print files before printing using special software. This produces enhanced Commercial Printing Schaumburg IL files that optimize print speed because the driver only needs to process static elements once.

There are several different software packages available that can combine text and images into Variable Data Print files.

Some are separate software packages, however, most of the advanced software packages are really plug-ins for publishing software such as, for example, Adobe Creative Suite.

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