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Variable data printing is also referred to as variable information printing or variable imaging. It’s an innovative type of digital printing performed at BFC where it’s possible to change elements like words, graphics and pictures from one individual piece to another without the need to decrease the speed of the Commercial Printing Elgin IL process and with the benefit of utilizing information from databases or outside files.

For example, the process makes it easy to print a set of individualized letters that each have the same standard layout with a different name and address on each one. Variable Data Printing is mostly utilized for direct marketing, customer care management, invoicing and marketing.

Commercial Printing Elgin IL

Variable Data Print is a primary extension of digital Commercial Printing Elgin IL, which uses databases, digital print devices and software to make full color documents with a look comparable to traditional printing. Variable Data Print permits the modification of documents through digital print technology, rather than the mass-production of merely one document using offset lithography.

Rather than making five thousand copies of one document to deliver your brand’s message to five thousand customers, Variable Data Print makes it possible to print five thousand different documents with messages tailor-made to each customer! This effective technique provides an efficient tool for increasing the return on your investment for advertising and marketing campaigns.

There are many levels of Variable Data Print. The most fundamental involves altering the greeting or name on every copy similar to mail merge. More advanced Variable Data Print uses varying amounts of customization for different target markets with text and images changed for groups of addresses based on which market sector is being targeted. Lastly, there is full variability printing, where text and images can be changed for every individual address.

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