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Commercial Printing Crystal Lake IL: the benefits of direct mail for businesses.

It’s no doubt that marketing online is extremely important for advertisers. After all, it’s getting harder and harder for conventional television viewership to contend with online video content. But there is still a lot of opportunity and value in marketing offline too. Chief among these offline avenues is direct mail marketing – sending printed promotional and informative materials straight to your prospective customer’s mailbox.

A few reasons why Commercial Printing Crystal Lake IL direct mail should play a part in your advertising strategies for 2022:

-Online advertising is undeniably important, but alternatives offline are also shown to drive impressive results.

-Another benefit is that direct mail is easy for targeted audiences to understand. Research indicates it requires less time and effort to mentally process, which means prospective customers don’t need to commit as much time to direct mail yet still receive your messaging.

-The results of a marketing effort—either offline or online—depend upon how it impacts with the targeted demographic. If they find it difficult to understand or get confused by the message, it’s not likely to fulfill your goals.

-Direct mail marketing is memorable and can have an enduring impact – shown to be more effective than online alternatives. Prospective customers who experience more time with direct mail ads tend to form an emotional reaction, which leads to better recollection of the product or service.

-Direct mail marketing offers an improved reply rate when compared to online marketing, with approximately four percent of ad campaigns getting a reply when sent through the postal mail as compared to much lower response rates online. Don’t miss out by dedicating your full marketing efforts to email only—particularly if direct mailing is so much more effective.

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