Commercial Printing Chicago IL

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An Overview of Commercial Printing

The commercial printing process produces a huge variety of materials. Direct marketing, catalogs, brochures, cartons, packaging and advertisements are all examples of commercial print. Many commercial printers like BFC also provide services like graphic design, pick and pack, kitting, direct mail, and fulfillment.

Commercial Printing Chicago IL service providers utilize the latest technology in high-speed production presses to produce quality output. Commercial printers support ads, publishing, marketing, retailer and other commercial endeavors. Without a doubt, professional print quality has to be high quality. That’s why so many businesses rely on BFC for commercial printing that gets results.

Commercial Printing Chicago IL

Digital Commercial Printing Presses
BFC’s commercial printing presses includes equipment like sheet-fed production printers as well as cut-sheet digital presses. They are ideal for high-speed and high-volume print applications. Also, we provide a diverse portfolio of continuous feed printers and production inkjet. These include roll-to-roll, roll-fed, toner-based and cut-sheet solutions. They span a wide range of print speeds, image resolutions, ink sets and media options. BFC’s commercial print presses are readily available in configurations that can grow along with your enterprise. Because they’re digital, our commercial print equipment allows for rapid turnaround, affordable costs, automation and customizing.

When selecting a commercial printer, there are a few issues to take into account.

-What is the printer’s history? When you begin to conduct your research, learn how long the commercial printer been in the industry. Do they possess the industry experience to complete your particular job? Longevity in a certain field doesn’t necessarily mean a printer remains current with technology and best practices. However, it is usually a good sign. At BFC, we’ve been in the industry for more than 40 years. We’ve done a variety of print work for clients in a range of industries that helps them grow their enterprise.
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-Technologies and equipment. Contemporary technology entails more than only new machinery. It also involves data and how it transfers to the printing equipment. Innovative technology is indeed a major part of the commercial printing sector. Variable data and customization relies upon software which interfaces with the printing equipment. This is essential when it comes to printing materials. New technologies also have a beneficial effect upon speed, image quality and affordability.

-Quality of materials. Naturally, producing high quality materials is important. When researching print providers, locate previous customers and inquire about their experiences. Also, ask the printer to see samples of their products.

-Efficiency and adherence to deadlines. In Commercial Printing Chicago IL, completing projects on time is, of course, very important. However, there are also other issues to consider. Can the printer provide your business with a high quality product and complete your request on schedule? Does the printer offer on-demand services? Not every job is an emergency, but it’s beneficial to know if a printer can provide a fast turnaround.

-Prices. The type and cost of your company’s print materials determines your ROI. Learn what factors play a role in the pricing of your print job. At BFC, you’ll find an experienced Commercial Printing Chicago IL provider that offers fair and competitive prices.

-Customer care. Exceptional customer care is simply essential with respect to your commercial printing needs. It must be consistent throughout the whole process from beginning to end. A printer might produce quality work, but if their customer care is subpar it can mean more stress on your end.

BFC Commercial Printing Chicago IL