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Commercial Printing Arlington Heights IL

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In addition to Variable Data Print software, other packages may be necessary for some projects. Mailing software is vital to help businesses benefit from lower shipping rates for bulk mailing. When used before the Variable Data Print file creation, mailing software is able to sort and produce bar codes for addresses. Pieces may then be printed in the appropriate sequence for organizing by the relevant postal code. Software to handle data quality and consistency may also be required for this.

A key distinction between Variable Data Print and conventional printing is the customization. It permits a company to connect directly with their clients. Variable Data Print is more than just a changeable name or address. In years past a variable name might have been sufficient when the concept was more novel. In the competitive business world of today, customization must be a reflection of what your clients hold valuable. For Variable Data Print to succeed, you’ll need to know helpful, accurate information about your clients and their objectives.

Commercial Printing Arlington Heights IL – Call BFC at 630-879-9240

For example, when a client who enjoys playing golf receives a personalized postcard featuring an image of their favorite golf course, that client is more prone to take a look at the information detailed on the card. On the contrary, a Variable Data Print piece with images of fishing boats sent to a client with no interest in that activity would probably be much less effective. Customization of Commercial Printing Arlington Heights IL makes it possible to connect, communicate and start relationships with prospective clients while also maintaining relationships with existing clients. After all, a prospect that becomes a customer can then become a loyal customer. At BFC, we understand that you want to develop a customer base for the long term, and this efficient, versatile strategy is a great way to gain more of them!

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