Client Spotlight: Customers Come First

Customization is essential in basically all facets of life, but especially so in business. As you’re probably well aware, the “one size fits all” approach to customer interactions does not tend to be successful.

We’ve previously written about ways you can customize your client interactions – focusing on the benefits of variable data printing and how print messaging can uniquely connect with your audience – but these points can be hard to grasp without specific examples.

So today, we’re providing an example from one of our clients on how implementing these tactics can not only help your business grow, but also allows you to show a real appreciation for your customers.

The Problem

Renaissance Life and Health Insurance Company is a life insurance company that provides ancillary benefits to groups and individuals in all 50 states.

When Renaissance first came to us, they were going through a significant growth period. A client had brought with them 50,000 new members, all of whom needed ID cards and policy documents printed ASAP. No doubt this was a good problem to have, but it introduced some challenges they needed to address.

For one, Renaissance had historically always printed in house. This was fine when serving a smaller amount of customers, but they recognized they would have trouble meeting this new sudden demand using internal resources.

Secondly, they had a manual printing process they were comfortable with but which was outdated and ineffecient. This process kept the door open for human error, a risk they simply couldn’t take anymore. They knew they needed to digitize their data and segment it by insurance groups to ensure their new customers were getting everything they needed.

These concerns, during a time of impressive growth, led Renaissance to the decision that they needed to broaden their capabilities and find a partner that could meet their needs. A fully customizable, efficient and flexible process was essential.

The Solution

So Renaissance went out into the marketplace. Ultimately, after being introduced to BFC’s solutions, we formed a true partnership. Robert Mulligan, the CEO and President of Renaissance, noted that “BFC listened to us. They didn’t simply tell us what their solution would do, but they listened to us and our needs and helped us craft a solution within their capabilities that fully met what we needed it to do.”

Since first becoming clients several years ago, BFC has printed those crucial ID cards along with certificates of insurance and invoices, all while ensuring the prompt delivery of all projects. These solutions we’ve worked with Renaissance to develop have been crafted with their need for flexibility, control and efficiency in mind. This change has played a part in helping ensure smooth growth, and it has allowed them to prove how much they care about their customers.

“The quality compared to what we were doing is like night and day,” Mulligan said. “BFC brought us a digital solution that helped minimize errors and gave us the ability to track what we were sending out. And ultimately, what that does is enable us to better serve our customers. The quality control and the efficiency we’ve gained through BFC has been really transformative for our business.”

Focused Impact

For many organizations, growing and thriving hinges on being able to deliver value to your customers and members. You do this by putting systems in place that allow for the customization and flexibility you need to meet their expectations. Renaissance recognized this and addressed these issues.

If you’d like to talk about what improvements will help you better serve your customers, we’ll be here.

For more examples of how we’ve helped clients, click here, and to hear Robert discuss his relationship with BFC, watch the video below.

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