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High touch, personal engagement coupled with across the board savings.

Industry – Insurance, Medicare Supplement and Life

The services we offer matter to our clients. At the end of the day it’s the service BFC provides that differentiates us. This service is personalized, flexible and requires high-touch engagements with every customer.

With Sterling Life Insurance, we developed an in-house partnership that is the very definition of personal service.


A key component to how we serve Sterling is with our on-site liaison. When Sterling streamlined its workforce, we wanted to be sure we’d still be able to provide our very best level of service.

Working with their executive leadership, we created an on-site liaison position and recruited a BFC employee from Sterling’s program administration group to act as the point of contact.

This certified project manager brought knowledge of the unique needs of the company, and all Sterling needed to provide was a desk and a phone. Onboarding someone new would have meant months of training. Instead, Sterling could save time and money from day one.



Every day we’re ready to meet Sterling’s needs—we’re in the meetings and ready to roll from the moment things are identified. Sometimes in as little as 30 minutes we can make a change to a customer programming solution. As an example of how we’ve saved time, when Sterling shared with us that it was significantly more cost effective for them to retain a broker than appoint one, we created a special rule for brokers in specific states to gain access to a book of products. Continued improvements to our core systems mean we can bypass rules without our customers incurring significant expenses. Because we built it, and built it well, we can customize solutions quickly. We pride ourselves on pivoting and personalizing our services, whether web service tools or print fulfillment applications.

Understanding and staying up to date on the complicated world of supplemental insurance and senior products is challenging. Working in the senior markets demands added sensitivity and care at all points of client contact. When Sterling decided to add another layer of protection to documents to ensure correct delivery, our liaison was able to quickly identify a solution by adding an extra barcode to each letter so any potential errors were automatically detected. We had the solution in place within 48 hours. This program enhancement has provided Sterling and many BFC customers both time and cost savings efficiencies.

After seven years of working together, we’ve been a consistent and reliable partner to Sterling, keeping up services even as they went through several acquisitions. After a significant restructuring and merger, they stayed with us because we were a smarter choice than what was being offered by their new corporate parent. We demonstrated how much we understand them, how smoothly our joint processes run and how well we service their lines of businesses. Flexibility, fast turn around times and our white glove service made BFC an essential partner.

“We process all our customer and client service through BFC. We’re using BFC systems at every point of client contact. These are people heading to the doctor that day. We pick up the phone using real people. Without us answering the phone adding a personal touch we wouldn’t be able to retain our membership. It’s about how we treat our customers and BFC allows us to deliver that level of service because they deliver that level of service. We’ve never had a vendor with a personal touch like theirs.”

Sterling Insurance