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Industry – Insurance, Home Warranties
Our customers’ needs continually change. Being able to efficiently address those changes in a timely and cost effective manner is one way we stand out.

This was especially true for Home Warranties of America.


In the Fall of 2013, after delivering on a critical print project and earning HWA’s trust, BFC got the opportunity to present a document management solution for both the processing and fulfillment of various Welcome Kits for new clients as well as Trial Marketing offers for potential clients.

This effort spanned both the HWA brand and the Direct Energy brand.

They also wanted an efficient, scalable online ordering portal that would support the 65 member sales team with their various marketing items.


Our first step was to deliver a branded Marketing Resource Portal that was able to offer both 24/7 ordering and timely delivery to their sales team while promoting HWA with in-depth reporting. This information could then be used to track successes and how various products were used. Different sales people across the nation had policies and coverage specific to their areas so the entire site was built with entitlements that allow each user to access only those products they are able to sell. As an additional benefit, inventory levels can be watched and accurate projections now made on usage, which allows the right amount of product to be available when needed.

Lastly, we delivered a Document Management Platform for the Welcome Kits and Trial offers. Using templates, HWA simply provides a data feed through our secure system and BFC does the rest. Data is qualified and kits are quickly processed and delivered to USPS. Tracking is simple and reprinting can be done at the click of a button. Postage costs have been reduced, as they are able to benefit from the maximum use of automation. Customer Service Representatives have access to the system and can easily search and recreate the exact document sent to a client and provide answers quickly.

Before we completed our solution, planning was done based on an annual inventory report, which could give basic numbers only but no detail as to where the product was distributed. It was reactive. Our solution, myResource, provides proactive data and lets HWA know exactly what gets ordered. This empowers them to track their print spend. Plus, those reports help with budget planning by allowing for increases in production, providing data on marketing spend in total and on each sales rep. myResource meets their growing team’s needs. Onboarding new reps and showing what new resources are available is easy. A constantly growing operation like HWA benefits from automated systems. Inventory needs went from best guesses to data driven.

“We knew we needed a new process that was scalable, something to reduce the costs and the steps required for completion. What was fine years ago was not working. Something had to change. We did not even know if we would be able to facilitate all the needs with our own system. Since we’ve rolled out the new system from BFC it’s been great. Easy to use, especially after their webinar. It’s intuitive and user friendly. You can’t plan or have conversations with management without data. Now, we have it.”

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It’s our service that sets us apart: service that is personalized, flexible, and responsive to the needs of our clients. 

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