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A disjointed, multi-vendor process streamlined for efficiency and effectiveness.

Industry – Insurance – Home Warranty

When American Home Shield® wanted to streamline and consolidate their internal communication processes, we saw an opportunity to expand our partnership with them and further build on an already strong relationship.

As their primary print-distribution supplier, we set out to develop a suite of end-to-end marketing solutions that altogether would bring convenience and savings.


After a series of acquisitions, American Home Shield began to expand quickly.

With salespeople across the country, they needed an easy, convenient and cost effective way to get different materials to different people in different places.

As their marketing needs continued to grow, AHS® looked to BFC as a way to streamline their systems and move what was a disjointed, many-vendor process to an efficient and effective process.



After being disappointed by the gaps and lags in services in their many-vendor process, AHS wanted a single vendor relationship to offer better service and increased stability. And, AHS needed a one-stop location where their Account Executives could go for all their marketing needs. Since they were familiar with the easy-to-use BFC ordering platform for collateral materials, we knew we could model the new application with similar success. In so doing, we’ve become an end-to-end, all around partner to AHS, able to meet their needs at every touch point of the marketing process. After 20 years of working together as their primary printer, AHS began to look at BFC in a completely different light.

Using our myResource platform, we first built Navigator, a marketing and reporting hub. Navigator is a single site that encompasses all of the marketing needs an AHS Account Executive might have. Having Navigator built and hosted by BFC meant the functionality would be easier, more secure, faster and more efficient. It also meant everything would be integrated seamlessly. Beyond the core marketing materials available to order and download, many other items like downloads, company rosters, key contacts listings, links to internal marketing sites, sales reports, and other request forms are also available.

In addition to the above functionality, we built a personalized marketing tool platform, OnMark. OnMark is a powerful marketing automation program that allows AHS employees to build customized marketing materials, using only the AHS library of pre-approved, targeted messages. This value-added service for agents allows them to build and distribute personalized, effective marketing materials to their clients at no additional cost beyond printing.

In addition to the Navigator and OnMark, we built an integration program with their CRM system that acts as an email template platform. This platform provides an innovative and inexpensive way to market AHS products and services within B2B channels through direct, personalized communication between account executives and real estate professionals.

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“We’re extremely happy with the new platform. We know that anytime we need to make changes we can trust BFC to make it happen and that those changes will continue to make things even easier. Beyond ease-of-use, we’ve seen savings from moving all of our platforms over to BFC. Of all our vendors they are more like a true business partner. You can’t put a value on the relationship we have with BFC and the service they provide.”
American Home Shield