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Why Brochures Remain a Marketing Staple

When it comes to brochures and their place in a marketing plan, what is it that makes them effective? More specifically, what are the benefits to printing brochures in the digital age? Perhaps you’re thinking about adding a new marketing product to your company’s strategy. After our many years of helping Chicagoland businesses develop their marketing materials, brochures remain an effective tool. As a reliable piece of marketing, brochures continue to show their value.

One of the reasons brochures are beneficial is they present lots of info in a minimal amount of space. Brochures by design present your messaging in a concise format. They can display introductory details about your business and highlight your products and services. In addition, they condense and share features and contact information similar to what your website presents.

Another advantage is that appealing brochures provide consumers with a clear message of what your business is about. In just a few seconds, a brochure presents your very latest products, services, business hours and more. Even a standard trifold design includes sections for you to showcase your products and services.

Furthermore, brochures are quite versatile. In comparison to postcards and other print materials, you can mail brochures, display them on location or hand them out. These diverse purposes make the decision to print brochures a simple one. You’ll be able to use them in a variety of ways that connects with potential customers.

Brochures are easy to distribute to a specific audience.

Whether it’s at a trade show or door-to-door distribution, another advantage to brochures is they’re effective for specific targeting. This is especially beneficial for smaller franchises and local businesses.

Affordable Brochure Printing for Your Marketing Campaign

Business are able to strategically display their brochures in a wide range of locations. This enables your business to present positive and timely information that draws new potential customers. It’s convenient to position brochures in marketing giveaways you distribute through the mail, for instance. Also, perhaps you can give out tangible items in addition to your brochures. Perhaps you can advertise at a local community event and distribute your brochures with T-shirts. The giveaways may draw attention to your swag, but later on they will look at your brochure. This reliable marketing technique enables you to connect with many potential new customers.

In comparison with some forms of online marketing methods, Brochure Printing offers a low-cost option. Also, the BFC team can coordinate with you in the design to produce appealing brochures that fit your marketing budget. It’s helpful to note that brochures decrease in cost when you purchase in bulk. Many business who use postal advertising or take part in trade shows, for example, purchase their brochures in bulk amounts.

Furthermore, brochures typically feature details about your products that make them practical for many different purposes. It’s easy to share them with potential new customers, existing customers, industry contacts and others. You’ll conserve time and costs when you present a concise summary of your business on your brochures.

Develop Trust with Brochure Printing

After your potential customers read your company brochure, you instantly develop trust. Many businesses include their mission statement on their brochures, which helps show their caring aspect. Plus, an effective brochure informs customers that you are a legitimate company with real credentials and business practices. It’s always helpful for customers to see signs of relevant experience before they pursue a business relationship.

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Available in bulk, brochures are very cost-effective.

As we mention above, businesses can produce a large run of brochures in bulk because they offer many uses over time. Likewise with most other types of products, bulk orders typically equal lower prices.

Seize the reader’s attention without distraction.

Compare brochures to flashing banner or digital billboards consumers pass by on their morning commute. While they may be appealing, banners and billboards only have a short span of time to deliver your message. Among the benefits of Brochure Printing is they present a tangible way for potential customers to see your information. After a tiresome day in front of a screen, many consumers are more likely to look through a brochure.

They provide a convenient referral method.

When it’s a basic point to make, brochures are easy to pass from one person to another. No matter how advanced technology gets, this method of referrals remains dependable. For example, present your products and services on a brochure and conclude with a call to action.

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Success within the retail and manufacturing industry calls for more than only quality products. Certainly, consumers often initially notice what your products looks like in print. Or, through exposure on social media or digital outlets. In the first couple minutes of spotting your product, many consumers make their purchase decision based upon packaging. Without a doubt, the presentation of your whole campaign makes a significant impact upon potential customers. For that reason, offset printing remains among the most popular techniques in commercial printing.

BFC Print – Fulfillment – Technology

Offset printing is also known as offset lithography. It is among the very the best printing methods when it comes to printing several colors for photo advertisements. The process utilizes special metal plates for each different color. For yellow, black or magenta, for instance. The colors transfer from the metal plates to rubber “blankets” and then on to the final print media.

Some of top reasons why offset printing is a smart choice for your commercial printing needs:

Quality and Sharp Definition for Any Print Project

With offset printing, the result is quality printing and clear images. Our printer operators control the flow of ink across four separate color plates. Consequently, there is less wasting of prints and few contrast issues.

Lower Costs and Rapid Turnaround

The initial process takes a few steps that help maintain consistency and pace in printing larger volume orders. The quality of the print images is superior for high-volume prints. Basically, the cost per piece is less when you order a large volume.

Print on Practically Surface

The rubbery, flexible blanket BFC uses for offset printing conforms to various shapes and surfaces. For example, the print can fit on labels, round plastic bottles, containers or sleeves. Additionally, offset printing is a good choice for printing on materials such as wood, fabric, canvas, metal, paper and plastics.

Efficient Printing Plates Saves Money and Time

It’s cost-effective to produce custom metal plates for your next printing project. A computer process simply transfers the select images directly to the metal plates. Each plate is capable of multiple impressions. The print media never contacts the metal, which serves to extend the service lifespan of the plates.

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Make a Wise Choice for Your Company

Offset printing is an ideal choice for larger volume print runs. Our image reproduction techniques result in crisp and colorful results. Based upon flexibility, cost-effectiveness and practicality, offset printing remains a popular printing method that can help your messaging.

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