BFC installs industry-best FTS high speed-mailing inserter

BFC announces the installation of a Pitney Bowes/MCS Flexible Transactional System (FTS). The new technology is a high-speed inserter that provides on-the-fly mail processing of personalized information and individual selection of multiple documents to each addressee. Able to insert from #10 to mailing flat sizes, the technology also provides critical error detection and immediate reporting to customers for correction and timely completion of mailings.

In simple terms, the FTS Insertion capability allows mailers to…

  • Save money while providing personal attention. Within the scope of a mass-mailing, reach each addressee with personalized information and targeted materials. Selective insertion allows connection with some addressees, but not others, saving money and avoiding sending some unnecessary mail.
  • Dramatically decrease production times. The FTS systems can process mail at variable rates of speed – anywhere from 10,000 to 26,000 cycles per hour.
  • Catch errors prior to delivery to the post office. Individual mail pieces with an error are physically removed from production. Operators and customers receive real-time reports offering timely correction.
  • Improve security with compliance assurance. The MCS Flexible Transactional System provides documented verification that documents were processed and delivered.

“The state-of-the-art FTS technology is the premier mailing solution for our financial, insurance, benefits and fundraising customers, according to Matt Novak, BFC President. This addition is just part of our comprehensive $2,000,000 commitment to upgrading hardware and software, which is critical to our customers’ ability to serve their audience better. In 2018, BFC will be adding wide-format printing, as well as high-speed inkjet technology, the latter providing output quality that is comparable to traditional offset printing.”

For more information on the benefits of FTS inserting, click this link from Pitney Bowes – https://www.pitneybowes.com/us/shipping-and-mailing/mailing-equipment/folder-inserters.html

BFC is a single source provider of variable data and offset printing, complex fulfillment, pick and pack services, and technology solutions to automate and create efficiencies relating to print and electronic communications.

With more than 40 years of industry experience, we’ve built a reputation as experts in our industry and a valued resource for our clients. We have created long-lasting relationships and mutually rewarding partnerships.

For more information on how BFC can speed your time to mail, add flexibility of communicating personal information to each addressee, and enhance your ability to review the process in real-time, click the link below.

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